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Endless Summer, Book 2 is the second book of the Endless Summer series. It succeeds its first book, Endless Summer, Book 1, and is followed by Endless Summer, Book 3.


The adventure of a lifetime continues! Saving your friends will take you to the wildest reaches of La Huerta, where truly anything is possible...


Chapter 1: The Unknown Has Always Been a Comfort to Me

The adventure of a lifetime continues! Saving your friends will take you to the wildest reaches of La Huerta, where truly anything is possible...

Chapter 2: Time Is of the Essence

You journey across a surreal paradise to save your friends, but the island threatens to trap you forever...

Chapter 3: Those Left Behind

The Watchers have plans for Diego! Will you be able to rescue him from the forbidden Valley of Tombs?

Chapter 4: Island Justice

A prophesied cataclysm lies ahead! Can you convince the Watcher queen of your innocence in time to do something about it?

Chapter 5: There Are Many Things I Keep Hidden

Who's the newcomer to Sharktooth Isle? You and your friends set out on a rollicking quest for pirate's booty!

Chapter 6: You Can't Save Everyone

You've escaped your pirate island prison with the help of a daring new friend... but will you risk your freedom to save a village in trouble?

Chapter 7: Everything at Once

With Quinn on the brink of death, your only hope to cure her is hidden in a surreal parallel world. Will you find your way back in time?

Chapter 8: Let's Promise We'll Do This Again

At the Vaanti's coronation festival, you celebrate Quinn's return... but she may have come back as something else entirely.

Chapter 9: Toward a New Horizon

A former ally discloses surprising secrets. The road home stretches out before you, but can you survive the journey?

Chapter 10: Every End Is a Beginning... Except the Last One

Sheltering from a blizzard in an isolated mountain lodge, you and your friends celebrate your stroke of luck with a party you'll never forget.

Chapter 11: Trust is a Fragile Thing

One of your friends is not what they seem. How will your journey northward fare with a spy in your midst?

Chapter 12: Last Chance to Turn Back

In the shadow of Rourke's fortress, you and your friends spend one last night together before launching your daring plan to get home.

Chapter 13: All We Have is Now

Your best hope for getting off the island is hidden somewhere inside the futuristic MASADA facility. Meanwhile, Rourke has his own plans...

Chapter 14: You Can't Promise Anything Anymore

At last, you and your friends find your way home... only to learn there's no home to go back to.

Chapter 15: Self-Destruct

All is lost in the wake of Aleister's betrayal as Rourke sentences you to death.

New Gameplay Features

To enhance the experience, several new gameplay features were added in Book 2. See Endless Summer, Book 2 Choices for more detailed explanations.

Character Re-customization:

Even if you import your character from Book 1, at the start of the book, you'll have the chance to re-customize your character with a wider range of skintones and hairstyles, rather than selecting one of the four pre-established characters.


After its introduction in LoveHacks, Book 1, the "Closet" feature was subsequently added to some of Choices' other series, like Endless Summer, Book 2. This feature allows you to customize your clothes and in-game appearance, when not making critical plot choices.

Tough Choices:

Occasionally, you will have the opportunity to make tough choices. Depending on your relationships with characters, tough choices can dramatically improve or damage your relationships with them. The higher your relationship is with a character, the higher is the chance that the tough choice will run in your favor. Your tough choices with LIs are 100% (even if the game doesn’t say so) if you are dating them, or you have been asked if you want to date them.


Unique to this story is a 3-hearts meter system calculating a love interest's romance with your character, which is initiated once your character chooses to date them. The feature to date a love interest opens itself once you've acquired the "Friends" status with them. Similar to friendship points, romance points can be gained through choices and actions approved by your love interest. Dates with love interests will also greatly increase your romance level with them. "Island rules", as referred by Pixelberry, will allow you to date all four love interests at once, although the limited amount of romance points will restrict you from maxing out your romance levels with each one of them.

Characters with this feature are all four love interests, Estela, Jake, Sean and Quinn. The following are the labels to the different romance scores:

  • Casual (0.5 hearts, Requires Friend-Status, otherwise it costs 30 diamonds)
  • Official (1 heart, Requires 15 points to reach from Casual-Status)
  • Crazy (1.5 hearts, Requires 15 points to reach from Official-Status)
  • Serious (2 hearts, Requires 20 points to reach from Crazy-Status)
  • In Love (2.5 hearts, Requires 20 points to reach from Serious-Status)
  • Soulmates (3 hearts, Requires 25 points to reach from In Love-Status)

In Endless Summer, Book 3, this feature is further expanded as the opportunity to marry your love interest in Act VIII presents itself, if you've acquired at least 2 hearts with your selected love interest.


Your character has the chance to collect the twelve "Catalyst Idols" of you and your friends throughout the book that'll offer two distinct bonus scenes each. While one will offer a flashback of the idol's character, the other will offer a scene of another timeline, where that character dies in the future. Collecting all of them will also unlock a bonus scene in the epilogue, as well as a final puzzle.



Visit the soundtrack page for more soundtracks from Choices.


  • On February 16, 2018, Pixelberry shared the playlists of the Endless Summer team that covers all three books on Spotify.[1]
    • Inspiration for book 2 came from the song, The Kids Don't Stand a Chance by Vampire Weekend.
    • Link to the Spotify playlist is found in the Reference section.[2]
  • On December 11, 2018 Luke, one of the writers for Endless Summer and the Hero series, inadvertently confirmed he still works at Pixelberry (despite some rumors to the contrary) through a tweet and conversation with Kara, another PB writer. [3]


  • The Fox on the cover of Book 2 is of a different color than on the cover of Book 1. The Book 1 cover illustrates the Fox as purple with blue eyes, while the Book 2 cover illustrates it as blue with purple eyes, matching the Fox's actual appearance.
  • Unlike Book 1, this book was released on Fridays instead of Wednesdays.
  • The idea that all of Choices' series take place in one common universe is explicitly confirmed in this book and strengthened through numerous evidence.
    • Hartfeld University, the main location from The Freshman series and its sequels, is shown through the idols' flashbacks several times.
    • Your character, Jake, Sean and Quinn are established to be fans of The Crown & The Flame, a popular television show in Choices' other series.
    • Jake is the brother of Rebecca McKenzie, an LAPD officer from the Most Wanted series.
    • Blaire Hall is Grace's mother, and her company, Mansingh Transglobal, is actually referenced many times throughout the series.
    • There is a strong possibility that the Hero and the Endless Summer series will intertwine. Characters like Silas Prescott and Everett Rourke have been referenced in the opposite series. Since Silas and Everett are both businessmen, it is implied that they have an ongoing feud. They are confirmed to have been friends 25 years before the events of Hero Vol. 1, as revealed in a premium scene of said book. They are also very similar to one another, as both of them are the primary antagonists of their respective series, both have sons who disapprove of their actions (Grayson and Aleister), both have lost their wives, and both of them are concocting schemes of world domination.
  • Act 6, Chapter 14 pays homage to the TV series Lost, specifically the famous line "We have to go back" which is spoken by Your Character when it becomes apparent that the world has ended.
  • This is the first book that visibly shows a dead body instead of letting the player simply visualize a character's death through dialogue. In this book, it is Ximaedra's dead body that is illustrated after she is mortally electrocuted by Cetus.
  • As of August 31, 2018, Veil of Secrets along with The Crown & The Flame trilogy, Hero, Vol. 1, Endless Summer, Book 2, and Most Wanted, Book 1, have had the thumbnails of their book covers updated; in this new version, the Fox is removed from the cover (Needs more clarification).
  • In Perfect Match, Book 2, Chapter 9, the writers referenced the Endless Summer series when Damien talks about "a group of friends, a mysterious island and how they come for a vacation, but end up with a lot more stuff than they bargained for."
  • Even though this book uses flashing lights that may be not suitable for players with photosensitive epilepsy (especially the sequences where the group fights Cetus, there are no disclaimers to advise player discretion, unlike other books such as Wishful Thinking which also use flashing lights but issue a warning - either during loading the chapters or at the beginning of the respective chapters.
  • Like Book 1, this book contains many references to pop culture, especially movies. Apart from nicknames for several characters such as Drax, Rambo, Wednesday Addams, Schroeder and Jumanji, mentions and references include: The Simpsons and the Blue Man Group (Chapter 1); Planet of the Apes, Aladdin, and Jungle Book (Chapter 3); Piranha 3D and Jack Sparrow (Chapter 4); Friends (Chapter 6); Zack Snyder movies (Chapter 7); Doctor Who and his Tardis (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), American Gladiators, and The Lion King (Chapter 8); Frozen and The Exorcist (Chapter 11); Ghostbusters (Chapters 13 and 14).
    • Chapters 6, 8 and 14 contain references to Star Wars, especially A New Hope.
    • In Chapter 8, Craig is able to ask "Are you not entertained?", which is a quote from Gladiator which was turned into a meme.
    • Depending on your choices, Your Character is able to mention having watched The Avengers and The Ring together with Diego.
    • Jake also calls Cetus a "Godzilla wannabe" and "Freakachu" in Chapter 6, and Diego makes another reference to Pokémon in Chapter 9, when he declares to have "caught them all" after catching Varyyn.

Click here for the walkthrough of this book:Endless Summer, Book 2 Choices.


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