Eleanor, a character in The Haunting of Braidwood Manor book, is the eldest child of the Waverley children. She is also one of your love interests. She is first seen in Chapter 2.


Eleanor has long, brown hair in a braid, brown eyes and fair skin. She wears a maroon and black gown with a black choker that conceals the open wound across her neck. Her modern outfit consists of a gold necklace, a black top, and a gray cardigan.


Eleanor is seen as mature and formal as she is in charge of taking care of all her younger siblings. She is also shown to be kind as she allows your character to stay at the manor.

Eleanor is seen to be easy flustered if the player chooses to pursue a romance with her. Making the right dialog choices cause Eleanor to stutter and blush easily while improving the relationship between Eleanor and your character.


Clarissa Waverley

Clarissa is Eleanor's younger sister. The two seem to get along, however Clarissa views Eleanor as more of a mother than a sister.

Thomas Waverley

Thomas is Eleanor's younger brother. They tend to bicker.

Simon Waverley

Simon is Eleanor's youngest brother. Thomas comments that Eleanor babies him because he is younger. If you don't spend diamonds to get Eleanor's key, Simon steals it from her. He manages to get it by pretending to be sad after Thomas bullies him, causing Eleanor to hug him.

Your Character

Your Character meets Eleanor at the beginning of Chapter 2 when you character learns that Eleanor was the one who carried her to the room to rest. Eleanor allows Your Character to stay at the manor under the condition that Your Character doesn't tell her siblings that they're all dead. Eleanor is revealed to be a possible love interest if the player makes the right choices. In Chapter 3 there is an available love sequence between your character and Eleanor if the player has enough diamonds. Your Character and Eleanor share their first kiss during this interaction. In Chapter 4 Your Character can choose to spend the night with Eleanor in order to get her key to open the door to the cellar.

Eleanor pushes Your Character out of the ghost dimension after her mother is set free, however Your Character can get back in by apologizing to Eleanor for not listening to her. At the end of Chapter 5, Your Character offers to tell Eleanor her biggest secret in order to try to get Eleanor to tell her siblings the truth.

Rose Waverley

Rose Waverley is Eleanor's mother. They seem to have a hostile relationship as Rose Waverly calls Eleanor "Wicked", while Eleanor refers to her mother as a "Monster." It is later revealed that Rose was the one who murdered Eleanor by slitting her throat after Eleanor found out about the poison used on her siblings.

William Waverley

William was the father of Eleanor, Clarissa, Thomas, and Simon.


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