Edgar, a character in The Freshman and The Sophomore, The Junior and The Senior series respectively. He is also a former student at Hartfeld. He was also the leader of the Dungeons and Dragons Club and a member of the student council. He makes his first official appearance in The Freshman, Book 1, Chapter 8. Your Character is able to meet him in Chapter 1 if she asks Chris to get on his knees and ask her for forgiveness. Edgar will see them and interpret the situation as a proposal.


Edgar has brown hair, blue eyes and light skin. He wears glasses, a black and blue checked shirt over a white T-shirt with a picture of The Crown and the Flame on it.


Edgar is famous for his suspicious behavior. He's a huge fan of The Crown and the Flame and defends it against everything. Because details are very important to him and because of his looks, vast knowledge, and very good memory, Edgar seems to be a stereotypical nerd.


Tripp, Tyler and Leila

Tripp, Tyler and Leila are Edgar's gaming buddies. They also talk about "special" subjects nobody else is interested in.


Before you, Zack, Chris and Kaitlyn moved into Professor Vasquez's house, Zack revealed he got roomed with Edgar. He finds Edgar's bad energy thing ridiculous. This could be the reason Zack decides to move in with you. 


  • He's allergic to alcohol.
  • He adores The Crown & The Flame.
  • He was named after Edgar Allan Poe, his mother's favorite author, as revealed in The Freshman, Book 2, Chapter 2.
  • He strongly resembles actor Martin Starr.
  • In The Freshman: Love Bites, he states he hates when people assume his favorite Star Trek captain is Picard when it’s obviously Janeway.
  • In The Freshman: Game of Love, he plays the guitar and serenades couples at La Trattoria. He states he went all-state with his boys' choir in high school.
  • He is in a one-man band called Children of III Omen.
    • In Chapter 3 of The Senior, it is mentioned that his debut album is called Poems and Omens. Every song title contains the word Omen and references titles of films and songs: "A Few Good Omens", "An Officer and an Omen" and "It's Raining Omens".
  • Despite graduating, he has appearances in The Junior, Book 1 and in chapters 6 and 10 of The Senior.
  • Edgar makes several cameo appearances in the following books: