Dopey Cat, a character in the #LoveHacks series, is the animated game creation of Mark Collins. He is first seen in Book 2, Chapter 2.


Dopey Cat is an animated male calico cat with green eyes. Due to the game's popularity, a plush toy version has been released.


His emotions are determined by what the player feeds him in the game. Its mission is to eat food to save the world.



Book 2

  • Chapter 2: The Hot New Company Everyone Is Talking About
  • Chapter 4: 4 Things Cowboys And Bartenders Have In Common
  • Chapter 5: 5 Party Hacks All Millennials Should Know! (Mentioned)
  • Chapter 14: The 14 Job Offers Millennials Get (Mentioned)

The Senior

The Senior

  • Chapter 6: We Are The Champions

Big Sky Country

Book 1

  • Chapter 6: All's Fair (Determinant)

The Elementalists

Book 1

  • Chapter 7: Office Hours

The Heist Monaco

The Heist: Monaco

  • Chapter 2: Are We Really Doing This? (Mentioned)


Book 2

  • Chapter 4: The Collected (Determinant)

Save the Date

Save the Date

  • Chapter 5: One in a Million (Mentioned)


Mark Collins

When he was twenty years old and in college, Mark created a game called "Dopey Cat". Back then, he only finished coding three levels and set aside the game, only to revive it years later. With its increasing popularity in the mobile game market, Mark was approached to sell his game. He decides to with the stipulation that his older brother, Isaac, be in charge of development.

Isaac Collins

When Isaac took over, Mark told him not to re-create Dopey Cat as "Dope Cat", a gritty reboot with grenades, giant lobsters, and a female lead. By the end of LoveHacks, Book 2, Isaac was working at Kablammo, overseeing the Dopey Cat mobile game.


Other Looks



  • A possessed Dopey Cat toy is located at the late Langdon Kavinsky's compound.
  • In Save the Date, Dopey Cat is mentioned to have been the hottest mobile game approximately two years ago with over 350 levels.
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