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Daniel, a character in the "Rules of Engagement" series, is a waiter. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 13.


Daniel has wavy black hair, green eyes and tan skin. He wears the waiter's uniform of white shirt, black vest and black bow-tie.



Rules of Engagement

Book 1

  • Chapter 13: On the Spot

Book 2

  • Chapter 4: All That Jazz!
  • Chapter 19: Finale I: Now or Never
  • Chapter 20: Finale II: High Tides

Book 3

  • Chapter 14: After the Storm
  • Chapter 15: Everything is Illuminated

The Royal Romance

Book 1

  • Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time

Book 2

  • Chapter 14: Back to the Big Apple (Determinant)

Book 3

  • Chapter 20: A Warm Reception

The Royal Heir

Book 1

  • Chapter 5: The Open Road

Book 2

  • Chapter 11: Escape to LA (Mentioned, determinant)


Your Character (The Royal Romance)

Daniel and Your Character (The Royal Romance) are co-workers at a bar before you are whisked away to Cordonia. In Book 3, Daniel comes to your wedding.

Main Character (Rules of Engagement)

It is unclear if Daniel was Main Character (Rules of Engagement)'s waiter in France (during her date with Business Guy) or at the speakeasy (during her date with Bartender), but the waiter is given the name "Daniel" in Rules of Engagement, Book 2, Chapter 19, when Bartender has the night off for the Captain's Ball and Daniel is filling in for his bartender duties. Later, when Party-Girl Sister calls for an ESM (emergency sibling meeting), she pushes a tray of appetizers on him to deliver to partygoers.


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