Cousin is one of the main characters in the Rules of Engagement series. Her suggested name is "Violet" but the player can choose a name for her. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 2.


Cousin has mid-length, red hair, light skin and brown eyes. Usually, she wears a blue top.


She first comes off as cunning schemer plotting to take the inheritance for herself, when it is revealed her mother is the true mastermind behind this plot. She initially tries her best to derail her cousins' inheritance plans, such as sabotaging Party-Girl Sister's tour. She often makes rude and snarky comments towards her cousins out of jealousy that they had each other whereas she had nobody to rely on. Later in Book 3, it is revealed that she has a vulnerable side and she only wishes to be close with her cousins again and asks for their support in her pregnancy. The player can choose to befriend her and treat her with kindness, making her part of the family, or leave her out in the cold. The player can also choose to make her a bridesmaid at her wedding.


Rules of Engagement

Book 1

  • Chapter 2: Wine and Mixers
  • Chapter 4: Dirty Work
  • Chapter 5: Song and Dance
  • Chapter 8: Out of Time
  • Chapter 9: Two Truths and a Lie
  • Chapter 10: Training Day
  • Chapter 13: On the Spot
  • Chapter 14: Pressure Point
  • Chapter 18: Last Call

Book 2

  • TBA

Book 3

  • TBA


  • TBA



Main Character (Katie), Party-Girl Sister (Jess), Bookish Sister (Nicole) and Brother (Alex) are her cousins. She's always been jealous of them because she thinks that Nana loved them more than her. Now, after Nana's death, she tries to get the whole inheritance for herself by sabotaging her cousins' tasks.


Aunt (Mallory) is Cousin's mother. She treats her daughter very poorly and states that she's always been a constant disappointment. However, they do start to try and repair their relationship in Newlyweds when Aunt takes her to her parents' lake house.


When they meet, Cousin acts very coldly to Chaz, but he seems interested in her and looks happy any time he sees her. It is likely that Chaz is the first person - besides her Nana - who really cares about Cousin and doesn't make her feel less of a person. As Book 3 goes on she admits to liking him more. Main Character can help Cousin ask Chaz to the wedding as her plus one (premium choice).


Amelia is Cousin's daughter. She seems to love her daughter very much.


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  • The player gets a chance to play as her in Book 2, Chapter 2 in a premium choice.
  • She is a playable character in Books 2, 3, and Newlyweds.
  • According to Audrey, Cousin has a "resting bitch face."
  • She and Main Character used to be very close friends when they were children. She taught Main Character how to French braid her hair.
  • She saves Party-Girl Sister's life.
  • At one point after Nana adopted Main Character and her siblings, Cousin stole money so that she could take a bus ride to go and see them because she missed them. However, her mother caught her before the bus arrived.