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All characters are arranged in order of appearance.


The Freshman, Book 1

The Freshman, Book 2

The Freshman, Book 3

The Freshman, Book 4

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The Crown and The Flame, Book 1

The Crown and the Flame, Book 2

The Crown and the Flame, Book 3

Most Wanted, Book 1

Rules of Engagement, Book 1

Rules of Engagement, Book 2

Rules of Engagement, Book 3

Endless Summer, Book 1

Endless Summer, Book 2

Endless Summer, Book 3

#LoveHacks, Book 1

#LoveHacks, Book 2

The Haunting of Braidwood Manor

The Royal Romance, Book 1

The Royal Romance, Book 2

The Royal Romance, Book 3

The Royal Heir, Book 1

The Royal Heir, Book 2

The Royal Heir, Book 3

The Royal Finale

The Sophomore, Book 1

The Sophomore, Book 2

Hero, Book 1

High School Story, Book 1

High School Story, Book 2

High School Story, Book 3

High School Story: Class Act, Book 1

High School Story: Class Act, Book 2

High School Story: Class Act, Book 3

It Lives in the Woods

It Lives Beneath

Home for the Holidays

Red Carpet Diaries, Book 1

Red Carpet Diaries, Book 2

Red Carpet Diaries, Book 3

Perfect Match, Book 1

Perfect Match, Book 2

Bloodbound, Book 1

Bloodbound: Dark Solstice

Bloodbound, Book 2

Bloodbound, Book 3

The Junior, Book 1

Veil of Secrets

America's Most Eligible: Season 10

America's Most Eligible: All Stars

America's Most Eligible: Wedding Edition

Desire & Decorum, Book 1

Desire & Decorum, Book 2

Desire & Decorum, Book 3

Across the Void

The Senior

Big Sky Country, Book 1

Big Sky Country, Book 2

The Elementalists, Book 1

The Elementalists, Book 2

The Elementalists: Winters Past

A Courtesan of Rome

The Heist: Monaco

Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance, Book 1

Open Heart, Book 1

Open Heart: Second Year

Open Heart: Third Year

Passport to Romance

Wishful Thinking




Bachelorette Party

Mother of the Year

Save the Date

The Royal Masquerade

Baby Bump, Book 1

Baby Bump, Book 2

Hot Couture

With Every Heartbeat

Blades of Light and Shadow, Book 1

A Very Scandalous Proposal

Witness: A Bodyguard Romance

Distant Shores

The Nanny Affair, Book 1

The Nanny Affair, Book 2

Queen B, Book 1

Queen B, Book 2

The Unexpected Heiress

My Two First Loves

Ms. Match

Rising Tides

Wolf Bride

Foreign Affairs

Slow Burn

Laws of Attraction, Book 1


Wake the Dead