Cassandra "Cass" Leigh, a character in the Most Wanted series, is a famous actress. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 5.


Cassandra has brown eyes and long, black hair. She has pale skin and wears dark lipstick. She wears a green dress and long earrings.


Cassandra is a generous and helpful person, and has not let fame and fortune go to her head. She has done many philanthrophic activities outside of her acting career, and is training to be a pilot.


Dave Reyes

Cassandra and Dave are grade school friends and they grew up together in Vermont Square in South L.A. Even after Cassandra became a famous actress and Dave a detective, they stayed friends.

Samantha Massey

Sam stays at Cassandra's place during the events of the book and is a big fan of her work, not just as an actress but also as a philanthropist. Cassandra comes to like and respect her, and they become friends.

Hayley Rose

While her opinion of Hayley Rose isn't initially negative, Cassandra is well aware that Hayley's talent at singing doesn't translate all that well to acting. She nonetheless remains classy and professional while filming a movie with her, although her subsequent capture by Hayley's murderous associate tanks this.

Ryan Summers

It's not clear whether Cassandra is actually friends with Ryan Summers, but she gets on with him well enough both on and off the set, likely due to their shared fondness for Dave and tendency to work together as co-stars.

James Ashton

Cassandra seemed to enjoy filming the adaptation of James's play and is happy to meet Your Character. She does not seem to have particularly strong feelings about all the changes being made to James' work, though she admits that there are rather a lot.

Victoria Fontaine

She makes a cameo appearance in Red Carpet Diaries, Book 1. She starred alongside with Victoria in The Warmest Winter, where the two played lovers.