Captain Malatesta, a character in the Endless Summer series, is a pirate. He is first seen in Book 3, Chapter 2.


Malatesta has light blond hair, as well as a light blond moustache and beard. He also has light skin and blue eyes.

He wears a turquoise color top with a v-neck and a navy blue jacket with gold detailing over it.


Similar to Yvonne, he originally came off as hostile and greedy. However, he is shown to be a man of honor and upholds his end of a bet he made with Yvonne.

He is shown to be rash and impulsive at times, such as when he threw a half of the Island's Heart to Cetus.

However, he is also shown to be remorseful and has offered you full control of The Dorado to make up for his mistakes.





  • He was alluded to in Endless Summer, Book 1 Chapter 15 during a flashback when your character takes Yvonne's sword.
  • He bears a strong resemblance to Oliver Queen, better known as the Green Arrow, a vigilante in the DC Comics.
  • His ship also looks to pay homage to Captain Hook's ship in Disney's Peter Pan.
  • His ship name, Dorado, is Spanish for Gold.
  • Raj originally calls him Caped Crusader, a well known title for the DC Comics vigilante, Batman.
  • The writing for Captain Malatesta is inspired by the song, Gold by Chet Faker.[1]
  • In an alternate timeline, he is seen riding Cetus.