Brandon, a character in The Freshman series, is a student at Hartfeld and barista at the coffee shop. He makes his first official appearance in Book 1, Chapter 7. Your Character is able to meet him in Chapter 4, if she decides to accompany Zack Zilberg to the coffee shop and match-make the two of them.


Brandon has short, brown hair, brown eyes and light skin. He wears a blue sweater over a blue checked shirt.


Brandon is a friendly, handsome guy. He is shown to be extremely caring of his friends and people he cares about.



In Book 1, Zack Zilberg has a big crush on Brandon but hasn't got the courage to talk to him. Brandon finds Zack's shy behavior very cute and would like to get to know him better. If Your Character supports Zack, he'll be able to make a move on Brandon and they'll go to the formal together. In Book 2, Brandon and Zack are an official couple and things seem to go pretty well - until Brandon confesses that he'll transfer to a college in Peru for spring quarter. Zack acts like it doesn't bother him much because he doesn't want to make Brandon worry. But in the inside, Zack is terrified because he doesn't know if he can handle a long distance relationship. In the end, Zack lets Brandon go even though it tears him apart. In Book 3, it's shown how much Zack misses Brandon, his roommates do everything to cheer him up. However, in Book 4, Zack reveals they have broken up because they've become too different from one another, but they remain friends.


Not much is known about Brandon's interaction with him other than the fact that they work in the campus coffee shop. Brandon was mentioned by Victor in the final chapter of The Haunting of Braidwood Manor.



  • His outfit has similarities with the outfit worn by Felix, a character in "#LoveHacks" series, and Victor, a character in "The Haunting of Braidwood Manor" series.
  • His party outfit is the same as that of Antoine Pierce, a character of "Rules of Engagement" series.
  • Brandon makes a cameo appearance in LoveHacks, Book 1, Chapter 15.
  • He is mentioned, but doesn't physically appear in The Sophomore, Book 2 Chapter 2, when Your Character arrives for her first day at  Knightly News.