• PinkMate22

    Hey everyone, Fearless Diva had asked someone to make a blog post for all the pages that have been affected, and that may still be affected after that troll had changed a bunch of page names and edited content. From my understanding, all of the pages are back to normal, but you never know, he could have slipped something in there that hasn't been noticed yet. These are all of the pages of my knowing that have been affected. I'm not sure if I have them all though. With most of them the name had been changed, but he also put obscene language in the content as well

    I believe these are all of the pages that's names were changed, they have been fixed, but they could still have obscene language in the articles.…

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  • BigLenny

    Rant on RCD

    March 31, 2019 by BigLenny

    Disclaimer: I know someone already ranted about Red Carpet Diaries, but I wanted to have my own take on it, even if it's still negative.

    Normally I don't rant about stuff because doing so feeds negativity, but Red Carpet Diaries continues to nag my mind. I know it's a story a lot of people, including me, hate, but I also think it had potential. Note: In this post, I'm using the name Jessica to refer to the MC, as that's her default name. Also, this post is pretty much personal opinion.

    For starters, I don't mind the concept about being an up-and-coming actress trying to work her way up to stardom, the underbelly of the film industry, and the relationships she builds up from the bottom. In fact, it has the potential to have some variety if it…

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  • BigLenny

    After seeing the backlash upon learning that Sunkissed and Platinum will let us play as females only, I’ve made a list on which stories let us play as females only, which ones have gender options, and which ones have dual leads. It includes both released and unreleased stories.

    Female only

    1. The Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior (8, excluding the mini-specials)

    2. Rules of Engagement (4, including Newlyweds)

    3. #LoveHacks (2)

    4. The Haunting of Braidwood Manor (1)

    5. The Royal Romance (including its sequel series) (3 for the main series, ~1 for the sequel series)

    6. Home for the Holidays (1)

    7. Red Carpet Diaries (3)

    8. Bloodbound (2)

    9. Desire & Decorum (2)

    10. A Courtesan of Rome (1)

    11. Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance (1)

    12. Wishful Thinking (1)

    13. …

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    Hello everyone! :D

    What do you all think of a page having all the Across the Void Upgrades? Similar to It Lives In The Woods Collectibles or Veil of Secrets Clues.

    It can be called "Across the Void Collectibles" or "The Atlas Upgrades".

    What do you think?

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    If I understand correctly:

    Across the Void takes place in a dimension seperate from the rest of the Choices stories. The crystal planet that Vaanu and the Hero MC are from was attacked by the Void, which is what caused Vaanu to crashland on Earth and create La Huerta, which is what led to the events of Endless Summer.

    The prince also refered to fragments of the planet as "Prisms" which would relate to Hero and the Prism Crystal, which is what created the Superheroes and Supervillains. And for a long time, there's been a theory that Hero and Endless Summer will have a cross-over. 

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  • DisturbedDeaddMan

    Good day and happy week to everyone.

    I hope that you are enjoying your time and having fun while doing so. It has been a challenging couple of days for me. I said before that I will be leaving Choices for a period of time to focus on my academic studies and my work as a freelancer.

    Today I am here because of work. Recently, a friend and I received an offer to help to finish a story for an unannounced project. I can't give away many details, but it is a story driving project. One aspect of the project involves Mystery: I wanted to ask you guys, what do you like in a good thriller, crime, mystery story? What setting would you choose: Noire or Modern? And visually, in your own opinion, what style would suit this project? I know it is a bit litt…

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  • Fearless Diva
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  • Nobel Cruz

    So Passport To Romance has a four love interests and I don't know who should I pick. Here are the names of the LI with some of their description based at the character's page.

    Elliot Langdon

    • He is the guy that we met inside the airplane. 
    • He is English and was born in London.
    • He studied at Oxford University.
    • He worked a few summers at Mansingh Transglobal Tech.


    • Professional European football player
    • the one that helped you out of Seine


    • Roommate
    • She is originally from Brazil.


    • Roommate 
    • She is from Japan

    So who do you think should I pick as my LI?

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  • Amelia yyyyy

    Please Help me!^

    March 21, 2019 by Amelia yyyyy

    My Discussion Page is being a mess!Like the website is broke or something!!!Oh god why this is happening what’s wrong.....

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    Hello, everyone!

    I was thinking, now that The Heist: Monaco ended, I was thinking to make a page displaying all the collectibles. Like your Driver's fast car and the Thief's diamond tipped tools.

    It may also include more "miscellaneous" items. Like hacking Ansel's phone and hiring the Whisperer.

    Basically, we'd be including stuff that give you a higher heist score.

    What do you think? It would be like It Lives In The Woods Collectibles and Desire & Decorum, Book 1 Parlor Collection.

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  • ArtifactGaming424

    Ok, so I wanted to this for fun only. This was in my head for a while, and I wanted to it now. So, heres what to do:

    • No other memes allowed! Just one for this page.
    • Use a moment that has either already happened, or your possibilities of what might happen later on. 
    • One song only; For The Damaged Coda .

    Enjoy using this meme! Share your versions in the comment section below.

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  • Jadelady

    Hello, everyone! We need more votes/comments about:

    • should there be an individual page (currently each character is on the miscellaneous character page of their respective book) for:
      • D&D Mary (MC's mother) ?
      • D&D Bishop ?
      • RoD dad ?

    also, we'd like your thoughts about:

    • The Freshman has Lobster as its adoptable animal; in The Senior, you get a choice of cat and/or puppy.
      • should Lobster remain as an individual page and a new "The Senior Adoptable Animals" be created?
      • or should Lobster be reformatted to include The Senior pets and renamed to "The Freshman series adoptable animals"? This way, the comment section is preserved.
      • or should a new page "The Freshman series adoptable animals" be created and Lobster deleted? This way, all comments for the lobste…

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  • SonsuzEvren

    Hey everyone. I'm helping with the walkthroughs and when adding the choices for this book I noticed that some of them have a spell icon. I talked to Fearless Diva and StoryGirl83 about this and StoryGirl83 came out with the idea to add pictures of the spells. I added the picture of the water spell to Choice 8 to test it out, you can check here how it looks: link.

    What do you guys think? Should we format all the other choices like that, move the picture to the beginning of the text or completely delete the picture? Any suggestions are welcome.

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  • PurplePassion20
    • Create a diversion in Chapter 1: 4. This choice will unlock a fun bonus scene and give your character 100 heist points.
    • Have a drink with Rye in Chapter 1: 3. This choice provides some backstory with regards to both the MC and Rye, possibly improving their relationship at the same time.
    • Reminisce with Eris in Chapter 2: 3 or 4. This is a flashback scene but it's action-packed, gives us more insight into the main character's criminal pasts and gives us the chance to kiss Eris (even better if you're planning on making her your love interest).
    • Recruit Lena Ortiz: 3 or 4: Unlocks bonus scenes and dialogue, not to mention a scene near the end of the book that haters of Ansel Crane will find very satisfying.
    • Recruit Niles Edison: 3 or 4: Unlocks more bonus…
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  • PurplePassion20
    • Spending time with Tom in Chapter 1: 4. This is a worthwhile diamond choice. For only 12 diamonds, you can find out some more information on the setting of the book (and the series as a whole), build your relationship with a potential love interest and boost nerve scores for both of you.
    • Diamond outfit in Chapter 1: 3. Wearing this outfit boosts your nerve score, which is helpful (since the MC will still be "Haunted"), though it doesn't boost your relationship with the character who gave it to you.
    • Letting Parker drive you home in Chapter 2: 4. This choice boosts both your nerve score and Parker's, gives information on his backstory and allows you to build your nerve score with him if you wish.
    • Lore Documents 2 to 7: 1. While these choices provid…
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  • PurplePassion20

    Literally every chapter has diamond choices. They are often presented as favourable outcomes, compared to non-diamond choices and can range from 10 diamonds to 30 (with a couple of notable exceptions). However, some diamond choices aren't always worth it, even if you have them to spare. So I have come up with a system that explains which diamond choices are important and why. This is just a personal opinion, you might not agree, it depends on what you usually like to spend your diamonds on, or if you like/dislike a particular character more.

    Each diamond choice will be given a number, based on a number of factors. These include relevance to the plot, ability to boost your score and/or relationships with other characters, length of the scene…

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  • Amelia yyyyy

    About the LIs

    March 10, 2019 by Amelia yyyyy

    Some LIs aren’t suitable for the MC but they just acted that way in the story and it really feels weird.Like Kyra,she is MC’s patient.The relationships between them in the story is unreasonable.Kyra is a forced MC I think.But PB just keep throwing these unsuitable LIs in readers face.(If you like her,I mean know harm. I just can’t Stand her)Also,LIs should be those who really understand MC and have the same aim or destination like MC,not just anyone who’s prettier,smarter or has better personalities can be a LI.They aren’t right for each other at all.But this is just a game, I know I shouldn’t expect more in it, I still hope PB can make the LIs more reality.

    Whats your opinion?(^V^)

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  • PinkMate22

    I've been replaying TC&TF and I feel motivated to draw my own characters. I'm a writer/artist and have been wanting to write my own interactive story for a while. One thing I have trouble with is deciding on character designs and a dominate personality. If you could make your own character in Choices, what would he/she look like? What would their personality be like, and what would their name be? No promises, but I could probably draw some stuff up by the end of the week and post it if you give me detail. Someone be my muse! Don't worry, I'm curious about your thoughts and opinions, I won't your steal your ideas.

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  • PurplePassion20

    Almost each book/series introduces something new (excluding the first three books that were released when Choices began). The TBAs are things that I can see happening in the future but have yet to happen.

    • Rules of Engagement: Chronologically the first series with multiple points of view throughout (The Crown and The Flame starts as a "dual lead" between Dom and Kenna, then becomes "multiple POV" in books 2 and 3). Also chronologically the first series where the MC has a default name ("Emily" from The Freshman didn't have the default name at first, only in later books).
    • Endless Summer: First "gender of choice lead" series and first series with the "relationship system".
    • LoveHacks: First series where each chapter ends with a preview for the nex…
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    I've been feeling like PB has been going in the bad direction for a while now, and this is where I'll discuss why. 

    Aside from the major decrease in quality (which I'll get to later), the gender customization option has been a SERIOUS issue that is inexcusable. 

    Let's look at recent and upcoming releases. 

    ACOR - female only (understandable) 

    RODABBR - female only (no good reason) (only girls date?)

    Open Heart - customizable

    • upcoming releases are 98% going to go this way, if they weren't, PB would've confirmed it right away like they do when you can play as a guy. 

    PTR - female only (no good reason) (only girls date?)

    NB - female only (no good reason) (they didn't learn with BB, which also was no good reason for being female only)

    WT - female only …

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  • Mt Mass

    'Ride or Die'. Some people love it, others hate it, and I'm just in between. That means that while it's definitely not the best book (far from it; I'd consider it terrible and I'll explain it why; some obvious and some kinda aren't imo) there could've been SO much potential to the direction it could've taken. But first, I'll just go over what I think went wrong with this book. As much as I'd love to expand a lot more on these opinions, I'm gonna keep them short and sweet.

    '1) A Bad Boy Romance:' This one is the most obvious; I feel like people wouldn't roll their eyes hadn't there've been a book that revolves around the whole "bad boy" concept in the most cliche way possible, let alone the damn title even mention it. What is this, the 70s/80s…

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  • Fearless Diva

    Hey Guys,

    As some of you may have noticed: Lost Kunai added a placement section to several AME Character pages. I think this is a great idea actually but think we can expand it! For example, I think we can look to the RuPaul's Drag Race Wikia and how they do this on the Queen's respective Season Information. Below is an example of one page for one Queen who has appeared across several seasons of the show.


    But first, I think we need some guidelines.

    • The highest possible placing for say Bianca, Han, etc. should be first so like for example I switched Derek/ Mack's placement to say 4th/5th instead of  of how LostKunai had it originally (i.e. 5th/4th).
    • I think we should therefore also have an eli…
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  • Miss Shadows

    Hello. So I've noticed that people have been putting no effect next to the initial diamond choices on the RoD walkthrough and I wanted to discuss it with you all as a community and hear your thoughts on the matter. I've noticed on all the other walkthroughs that we don't typically put no effect next to the initial diamond choices and I always thought that was because there was no need to do so. I personally think putting the no effect next to the initial diamond choices is unnecessary, but that's just me. What do you guys think?  

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    As you may have or may not have heard, Choices is having an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit on Wednesday, March 6th at 11 AM Pacific Standard Time. They're also planning to have another livestream, but I'm not sure when that is.

    These are questions I'm planning to ask them:

    1. Who is your favorite character in The Elementalists?

    2. What can we expect from the Globetrotting book? 

    3. Can we pick our genders in Nightbound and Wishful Thinking?

    4. What is the planned genre of Wishful Thinking? I'm asking this one because some people think it might be similar to LoveHacks, but I'm hoping it's more of a mystery. A reporter with the ability to read minds sounds like a great idea for a mystery.

    5. What is the setting of Wishful Thinking? Because of the…

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  • I Am MonkeyBoy

    Question 2

    March 2, 2019 by I Am MonkeyBoy

    Here it is: What do you think/know that you are known for at your school, workplace, home, or etc. Would anyone like to know what I'm known for at my school?   

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  • PinkMate22

    Not long ago I had seen some pictures of real life Choices posters, including TC&TF, with a frame and everything. I was wondering if they were fan made or store bought? I've seriously always wanted a real life TC&TF, Book 1 poster. If anybody has one and can tell me how they got it or where I can purchase one it'd be deeply appreciated. Also, I for the life of me can not find that picture I saw of the real TC&TF poster, I don't even remember if I saw it on this wiki or on Tumblr lol, if you know what I'm talking about and have seen the picture, can you post it in the comments so I know I'm not crazy?

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  • Gryffinpuffz

    When Choices announce an upcoming book, I usually have a pretty solid feeling about it and I also more or less know what to expect. I was excited about Veil of Secrets, and I ended up loving it. I felt a stong contempt against Ride or Die, and boy did I end up hating it. Then there's books in between, like Open Heart. I wasn't super excited about it, but I was interested. I still have the same opinion about it after having read the first two chapters, but Wishful Thinking? Yeah, that's where I'm lost. I have no idea what to feel about it. Sure, I have some small thoughts about it, but it's not enough to make me feel joy or hate. I just feel....... yeah. I don't even know what I feel. Confused? It's certainly possible. 

    For a while now, I've …

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  • Fearless Diva

    So February 27, 2019 , it was announced that Nexon, who owns Pixelberry is reportedly fielding offers from Amazon, Comcast and EA (PB's former employer) who have all placed bids for a controlling share of the South Korean company. ( What will this mean for PB moving forward? Especially if EA wins the bid because they have all expressed how bad it was working for EA . It's one of the reasons Pixelberry was formed.

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  • PurplePassion20

    Future Ideas

    February 27, 2019 by PurplePassion20

    1. A story where certain love interests are only available if your character is a specific gender. So far, in stories where your character can be either male or female, all love interests can be romanced by both genders. I would like to see at least one book where there are more than the usual 3 or 4 love interests but some of them are only into men and some of them are only into women.

    2. A villainous love interest who remains that way. This topic has been talked about a lot, and I agree that it should happen in the future. So far, all love interests who turn out to be villains either stop being available as love interests or become redeemed characters. Even worse, players who spend their diamonds on a love interest have no option of pursu…

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  • Sollowrains

    MC for Big Bad

    February 25, 2019 by Sollowrains

    I would totally love if PB would actually make a story with a big bad MC, not like TH:M or AME villian/criminals but like a real actual big bad like a psychopath who kills/kidnap etc..

    also i would love if we could escape prison and have people chasing after us. ( instead of always chasing big bads let me get chased ).

    The best they can add maybe like a split POVs where you can be both criminal and a cop

    i’m so bored of always being the hero or mother of the crew, there’s already a lot books of these kind of stories anyway.

    ps: i really enjoyed ACOR and IT LIVES BENEATH because you actually get a chance to do some violence but after all MC is still not the big bad. also kinda enjoyed TH:M  but AME failed at making MC a real villian. ( i could …

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  • Andisimon

    I have a question to those of you who played any premium scenes in ATV. Are there any choices you would recommend or some where you say they are not worth the amount of diamonds? I would like to replay the book and spend some diamonds, especially to get more story time with Sol, maybe also with Zekei and Holmes. I prefer to not watch any YouTube videos. I don't care about premium clothes unless they unlock more story. I already spent diamonds to save Argo. Any input is much appreciated ;)

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  • PinkMate22

    With all the doctors in Open Heart, should there be a new category to put them all in? Like with Law Enforcements, Parents, Criminals ect? There are more than 3 and I'm sure there will be more in the future.

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  • Andrewh7

    Attuned pages

    February 24, 2019 by Andrewh7

    I was looking at all the species pages and categories like Vampires/Vampires category and Vaanti/Category:Vaanti; and it got me thinking, what if there was a page and category for Attuneds? The page would talk about Attuneds in general, their magick, having an Attunement and etc. As for the category, it would have all Attuneds in TE such as our character, Beckett, Griffin, Shreya, Zeph and etc not just a specific group of Atts like Air and Sun-Atts. Maybe, a page for Magick can be created as well where it would talk about Magick in general, how magick is innate, Attuneds need energy to cast spells, the different Elemental magicks and much more (unless that would all fit under Attuned/Attuneds). I was also thinking that Powers sections coul…

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  • PurplePassion20

    Funny Moments

    February 24, 2019 by PurplePassion20

    One thing I like about the Choices books is their humor, ranging from well-timed pop culture references to banter between characters. Almost every book, regardless of genre, has a decent number of laugh-out-loud moments. So I thought I'd list a few from each series. Feel free to share your favourite funny moment as well. For reference, each nameable character will have their default name. Also, the list will be updated in time.

    • In the very first chapter Elliot comments on how hungry he is, despite having eaten five corndogs and most of Harper's gummy bears at the movies. He tries to justify his hunger by claiming that he's overdue for a growth spurt.
    • Tom's reaction to a customer calling him "Boat Boy":
      • Tom: Bro, I just spent four hours elbow-de…

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  • Fearless Diva

    Question: should we have a page for the medical cases we will be dealing with and model it after the Greys Anatomy Wikia Patient Notes Section?

    • (empty)
    • (Full)

    ^^^ Sorta like how we have the  table for the AME books, but maybe flesh this one out more  and have it be an actual page akin to the  A First Year's Compendium of Spells? Since it is a medical book an all. This way we have an area for the patient's picture, her diagnosis, the treatments and who the doctors were along with the treatment.

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  • Hillshadow

    Spin-Offs Category

    February 23, 2019 by Hillshadow

    With the introduction of the new book, Nightbound, I thought it'd be fitting that we create a new spin-offs category where we can add:

    • The Royal Romance Series
    • Nightbound Series

    And any other potential future books and series that are spin-offs.


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  • DisturbedDeaddMan

    I started playing Choices in early 2017, around January. At the time, the library we had was not big, and the competition was weak; there were other apps out in the mark but Choices was unique and good. What made its uniqueness was the quality of each story or chapter they released, but unfortunately, I can't say the same for 2019.

    Last year we have seen a sudden growth in the genres and a mere diversification in the content of each book. We had good books like BB, PM, VoS... etc and some bad ones in the likes of AtV, TJ...etc or a near forgettable experience such as BSC. But with each release and as time goes on, I started to notice one thing: the quality of the books was going downhill while the quantity is skyrocketing.

    Nearly every book…

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    I'm just going to get one thing out of the way first: Yes, I have read both books. And I can honestly say that I think the second book is even worse than the first book. 

    Let's start with the premise: An inexperienced actress hoping to make it big in Hollywood. As someone who has been acting for years, I can say that goal is very difficult to achieve. The world of acting is very competitive. Even in High School and now in College, I'm lucky if I get cast in anything, even as a minor role. And this whole story idea about an inexperienced actress who wants to make it big and become famous has been done 100 times. It wasn't intriguing in those stories, it's not intriguing in this story.  

    Now let's move onto the main friends group. Good god, th…

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  • Itsjustero

    I once played Episode, (and yes, I know this is the choices fandom, give me a minute) but mainly got hooked on it because of the make your own story feature rather than the riveting plot lines of the main books. Though one thing that really annoyed me was the messy mechanics of it all. With Choices, I'd feel it'd be so much easier only having to control the speech, choices and scenes rather than focusing on movement.

    Another thing that I didn't like was the limited choice of story genres. I mean, I would personally love to create a fantasy or futuristic visual story, but with limited experience with coding, the only app that made that happen was Episode. 

    With Choices, they have so many different genres and I would no longer have to focus on…

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  • I Am MonkeyBoy


    February 15, 2019 by I Am MonkeyBoy

    Here it is: What would you do if your teacher told you to write a 40 page essay?  Update: What if your teacher said that it was due the day after telling you to do it?  

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  • Man Mountain

    Alright everyone, voting is now closed! Thank you everyone for voting.

    (Sorry if you didn't get a chance to vote but it was put in the comments and everyone had fair warning.)

    Please feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts on the winners. Did you love them, did you hate them, did you just like them? Comment below.

    Here are the winners for the first inaugural Unofficial Choices Awards, voted for by 1,371 people:

    So, without further ado, here are the categories:

    • Award for Best Visual Effects
      • Bloodbound, Book 1 (113 votes)
      • It Lives Beneath (351 votes)
      • Perfect Match, Book 1 (123 votes)
      • Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance (68 votes)
      • WINNER - The Elementalists (662 votes)
      • Veil of Secrets (54 votes)

    • Award for Best Sound Mix (Soundtrack/SFX)
      • B…

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    The following contains spoilers for Veil of Secrets, The Junior, Book 1, and Perfect Match, Book 1. And some “mild” ones for Pretty Little Liars. Like, nothing specific. If you saw the first three seasons, you should be good?

    New year, new stories!

    ...or maybe just story singular. Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance, Book 1 is the only new one. (At the time of this writing)

    Speaking of Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance, Book 1 … oh boy! It is awful! It’s exactly like a Wattpad/Episode story. Even the mere ANNOUNCEMENT of this book on social media had it people deeming it “the worst book ever.” People have also been saying it was worse than Home for the Holidays: something that was universally hated! A book like Ride or Die and Home for the Holidays  rea…

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  • PinkMate22

    Please ignore this

    I'm just trying to earn a badge XD

    Is that allowed?

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    Hey guys. 

    So as you may or may not know, it was confirmed today that the upcoming Medical Drama + Mystery book is called "Open Heart". Just a quick disclaimer, I have been asked to pass along that we do not rename the page for "Untitled Medical Book" to "Open Heart" just yet.

    Like I did for Ride or Die, I'm here to ask for theories on the story so we can make an official page.

    Here are some I've seen so far:

    1. I've seen people say that we can play as Male. But I haven't seen any screenshots of PB confirming that.

    2. There will be a crime aspect involved due to the mystery. Two popular theories I've seen are a Serial Killer murdering patients, or prescription drugs being stolen. 

    3. Michelle from Endless Summer will make an appearance due to th…

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    This is something I've been debating with myself for a while. Should Marc Antony be in the antagonists category? Throughout this whole story, he's been depicted as Caesar's henchman, and Caesar is the Big Bad of "Courtesan of Rome". He actively plays mind games, and in this chapter, he exposed our identity to Aquila, who is one of our enemies. The teaser at the end says that Antony and Caesar can now rule Rome unapposed. We have a dictator and a conquerer, and his henchman in charge now. 

    I get that Antony is a love interest, but we've had other love interests who have ended up as antagonists of villains.

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  • Jadelady

    Adoptable Animals page

    February 5, 2019 by Jadelady

    For most adoptable animals in each series, there is a page/stub for each animal. Most pages don't have much information, especially if the animal doesn't show up often. What if Pixelberry uses the same animal model throughout different series? Such as The Royal Romance's Marabelle's Dream and Big Sky Country's Seabiscuit. Should Seabiscuit get her own page? Or should she be added to Big Sky Country Miscellaneous Characters? Storygirl83 proposed a new page named "Adoptable Animals in ..." that would condense the individual pages into one reference page to make it easier to find. For animals that have a significant amount of information (such as Hilda or Dipper), they would still get their own pages, but could be linked in the "Adoptable An…

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    1. Bloodbound will have scenes in Europe with old and new threats.

    2. The Medical Drama Book is closer than we think. It's described as "Super Medical!" and "Super Mysterious!". That being said, I think it's safe to add it to the mystery genre.

    3. They don't know if there will be a second book of Elementalists yet. 

    4. It hasn't been decided yet if they're going to revisit the It Lives series. They're probably waiting a couple of weeks to see how profitable it was and if it's worth continuing. 

    5. Bloodbound spinoff will be set in New Orleans with Werewolves, Fae, and more of the Supernatural.

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    Hey y'all,

    A few months ago I posted asking y'all about your thoughts on a new format for the series directory page. The response was nearly all very good but I have been working with @FearlessDiva and taking her comments and a few others into account to edit what I previously had to make it the best it can be. I really believe this new format will really help improve the wiki and make it easier on the eyes, to read, as well as offer more information in a professional presentation. With the catalog constantly growing, I think this new format is the best idea.

    There are a couple things I haven't done yet like link the series, but this is mainly the final product and I'd love to hear what all of y'all think about the new design we've been work…

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  • Vkalvkal


    January 26, 2019 by Vkalvkal

    Hey guys, I just wanted to apologize for my behavior in regards to Ride or Die a couple of weeks ago.

    I was going through a very negative phase in my life with the loss of my mother and was feeling very defensive towards Choices, because reading their stories were helping me a lot during that time.

    I took some time off the wikia and cleared my head.

    My apologies, specially to Gryffinpuffz.

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  • Fearless Diva
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