• Gryffinpuffz

    The Heroes Category

    January 23, 2019 by Gryffinpuffz

    Hello, everyone.

    I was looking into the Heroes category since I wanted to add the MC of VoS there. There are not too many characters in that category, and neither was there any description of what makes a character a hero. I asked Fearless Diva about it, and she thought we should discuss the description we put in the category, so here we are. :)

    The ones in the category as of now are as follows: (I know they are listed in the category, but I thought I'd add them here as well for quick access. 

    David Reyes
    Dominic Hunter
    Kenji Katsaros
    Kenna Rys
    Main Character (It Lives In The Woods)
    Samantha Massey
    Your Character (Endless Summer)
    Your Character (Hero)

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  • Jadelady

    Pend Pals

    January 20, 2019 by Jadelady

    Just wanted your opinions if you would like a separate page for the Pend Pals as a group. I've been updating character pages, and for Shreya, Griffin, Zeph, Beckett, and Atlas, I've been adding relationships as the group Pend Pals since we see them interact a lot as a group and naturally we view them through the eyes of the MC (and once through the eyes of the Sentry). Thoughts?

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    What are your hopes for 2019? What do you hope will happen in some of the upcoming stories or what are some genres that you hope PB touches on? Here are some of mine:

    The Nautical book:

    • We can chose our gender
    • It's based around Pirates
    • Yvonne and Malatesta are either protagonists or love interests

    The Werewolf Book:

    • We can chose our gender
    • There's a female werewolf love interest

    The Medical Drama:

    • We can chose our gender. I honestly don't watch MD's, so I have no idea what to expect.

    The Fugitive story:

    • We can choose our gender
    • A lot of people end up betraying us, just to show that in a world of criminals, you can hardly trust anyone.

    The theorized College themed series:

    • We can chose our gender
    • It doesn't take place at Hartfeld

    The Theorized murder myster…

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    Hello, Berrypickers!

    With the cluttering of the gallery on the General Information page lately, I kind of want to create a page for each writer of Pixelberry. Or, maybe just one writers page with sections on each writer. Kind of like the miscellaneous character pages.

    Writers such as Kara, Rachel, and Luke. Just to name a few.

    And of course we will add the series they have worked on. Thanks to Fearless Diva for finding the list!

    • Chelsa - The Elementalists, Bloodbound, It Lives in the Woods, The Freshman, The Sophomore.
    • Emi - The Elementalists, Bloodbound.
    • Maya - The Elementalists, The Sophomore.
    • Jessica - The Elementalists, Bloodbound.
    • Brandon - It Lives Beneath, It Lives in the Woods, The Crown & The Flame.
    • Kathleen - It Lives Beneath, It Lives in the …

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  • HSSCA(Rory)Lover!
    What do you think of

    to be used on Article Stubs? I think putting this notice on the relevant pages may encourage users to add more information if they see it. User:Fearless Diva has said that if you all have no issues with it, she would approve its use. Comments will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Gryffinpuffz

    So, as many of us probably know, the title of the next book is Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance. However, when the book was added to the app recently, it had been programmed to show with dashes, more exactly Ride-or-die: A Bad Boy Romance. I was wondering if the community here thinks that the book's page should be renamed to reflect that, or if we should wait until the book is confirmed as a standalone or series to add it all in at the same time, as Fearless Diva suggested. Personally, for the sake of convenience, I think it would be best to rename it now, so that new users have an easier way of finding said page, as they might type it in with the dashes in the infobox. But yeah, I'm writing this blog post for us to decide together.

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    After the writers finished talking about what to expect for Book 2 of AME, they talked about what to expect later this year. 

    We already know about Ride or Die.

    "Get ready to make life-or-death decisions, encounter the supernatural, travel the world, and much, much more!"

    So judging from the "make life-or-death decisions" it seems like one of their upcoming series could be another crime or thriller series. 

    "Encounter the supernatural", seems like they're talking about their werewolf book given that those obviously fall under the Supernatural aspect, and it's mentoned that Fae might appear. Someone mentioned to me that those are fairies. Judging from reactions on facebook, a lot of people are excited to romance supernatural critters.

    "Travel th…

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    Class Act has come and gone, earning a... "mixed" reaction from the audience. Now that Class Act has revealed a sequel (and a Book 3) I think it is in my place to say what I want to see in the sequel.

    Currently I am on the fence on Class Act. I didn't like it, but I didn't hate it either. Although I admit I was sighing when I read that there would be a sequel.

    Some of these may not apply to everyone since my Rory is female, I chose Skye, and my MC is male.

    Here we are: Five Things I Want to See in Class Act 2, Five I Don't, and Five that are Complete Long Shots. By long shots, I mean things I want, but have a very slim chance of actually happening.

    15. Want: Clint and Natalie "Harassing" Rory.

    I think there is some great potential here, Clint and…

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  • I Am MonkeyBoy

    Today's My Birthday.

    January 15, 2019 by I Am MonkeyBoy

    Today's my birthday everyone. I'm now 18 years old, meaning that I'm finally an adult.

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  • HSSCA(Rory)Lover!

    Recently, I had seen complains that it is too cumbersome to search for an image on a page, especially when there are many of them since you have to keep clicking on the "Show More" button. Would this solve the problem?

    Compare this with the Gallery section in General Information.

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  • The Jacked Maverick
    • The Freshman Series. (113 Diamonds)
      • The Freshman. (56 Diamonds)
      • The Sophomore. (31 Diamonds)
      • The Junior. (12 Diamonds)
      • The Senior. (14 Diamonds)
    • Rules of Engagement. (59 Diamonds)
    • The Royal Romance. (57 Diamonds)
    • The Crown & The Flame. (48 Diamond Earn)
    • High School Story. (43 Diamonds)
    • Endless Summer. (40 Diamond Earn)
    • LoveHacks. (34 Diamonds)
    • Red Carpet Diaries. (30 Diamonds)
    • Perfect Match. (29 Diamonds)
    • America's Most Eligible: Season 10. (19 Diamonds)
    • Big Sky Country, Book 1. (15 Diamonds)
    • Bloodbound, Book 1. (15 Diamonds)
    • It Lives In The Woods. (15 Diamonds)
    • Veil of Secrets. (15 Diamonds)
    • Hero, Vol. 1. (14 Diamond Earn)
    • Most Wanted, Book 1. (14 Diamonds Earn)
    • Across the Void. (Currently a 12 Diamond Earn)
    • Home for the Holidays. (9 Diamonds)
    • The Haunting of Braidwood Manor. (5 Dia…
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  • Gryffinpuffz

    Sigh. Alright, where do I even start?

    I know people like different things. Really, I do. I don't like all the books, and that's totally fine. Hell, AME is very popular, and I don't like it at all. That's fine. I'm not going to like all the things other people like, and others are not going to like all the things I like. That's how it should be, because it'd be pretty weird otherwise. 

    However, this seems very much like a book with an upcoming fanbase that will be very unbalanced in comparison to the people who don't like this book. We've seen how people are reacting on social media. There are more angry comments than positive ones, and that only, says a lot. I have a feeling this book won't help Pixelberry at all. They probably put more mone…

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    Inspired by Screen Rant's "Pitch Meeting" videos on YouTube.

    "Guys, we need money now."

    "But it takes a lot of work to make a good book that people would pay money for diamonds!"

    "Hmm... lets make a cash grab!"

    "Wouldn't that hurt our credibility?"

    "We need money. NOW."

    "Okay... what should it be about?"

    "What is common on all our interactive story rivals?"

    "Um... going famous overnight?"

    "No. We already did that anyway."

    "Um... a high school or college rom-com?"

    "No... we already did that. Twice."

    "Well... finding out that you had a twin the whole time and getting to know your royal family you never had?"

    "What!? No! I mean bad boy stories! Lets half-ass it and people will love it anyway!"

    "Bad boys? That isn't even a genre! Wouldn't people get mad about…

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  • Jadelady

    As some of us, myself included, are confused to how we are supposed to write for characters that can be either male or female, and for supporting characters who can be either male or female, or are non-binary, this is an informal poll to vote on what pronouns you think should be used.

    Main characters - such as the captain in Across the Void, Your Character and the Matches in the Perfect Match series, and the leader of your crew in The Heist: Monaco - that can be either male or female.

    Supporting characters - such as Cameron from the High School Story series - who is non-binary, meaning Cameron doesn't identify as male or female specifically.

    Should we use "he/she" or "they", and subsequently "his/her" or "their"?  

    Before the 1960s/1970s, we would use…

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  • Superherofanatic1999

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  • Superherofanatic1999

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  • BigLenny

    In this post, I'm covering the antagonists of the series, not subordinates (e.g. Cecile Contreras) and side villains no matter how loathsome they are (e.g. Priya Lacroix). However, I'm not including everyone, such as those who are too early or appear in multiple books in the same series as significant characters but are villains in one or two books (one of the villains I will mention is an exception). Note that this is all personal opinion, so I am not imposing my thoughts on others.

    Everett Rourke: I seriously despise Rourke, both as a character and as a villain. Saying that I hate him for his heinous actions isn't enough. While I acknowledge that he's a force to be reckoned with, most of what he says and does boils down to him being an eg…

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    Perfect Match: Book two could have been better, but I still enjoyed it overall

    Bloodbound: Actually pretty good considering I usually consider vampires dull and cliche. 

    Veil of Secrets: Possibly one of the darkest and down-to-earth mysteries they've had so far. There were no supernatural or sci-fi elements. It was a gritty murder mystery that revolved around a decades old secret and a psychopath obsessed with revenge. According to a PB Livestream, they may release more murder mysteries this year, which I'm all for. Hopefully one of them will end up being a series. 

    America's Most Eligible: Surprisingly good considering I usually hate reality tv

    It Lives Beneath: Even better than the first book

    Elementalists: Considering I don't like Harry Pott…

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  • Pinky89756

    Happy New Year

    December 31, 2018 by Pinky89756

    So in India, 2019 is just 3 hours away. For some it is 11 and different hours for different countries till new year. But as an indian and a world citizen I wish You all A happy new year. Hope this new year brings new books

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    Hello, Berrypickers! For this list, I will be exploring in what ways these two Berry High stories compare and contrast from each other. For the sake of this list, I will be referring to Old MC as "Jordan" and New MC as "Bailey."

    This list would be ranked from minor to most compelling reasons.

    Here we are: Ten Reasons Why Class Act is better than High School Story. (And Ten Why It's Not)

    20. Better: A Fresh Start. Pixelberry could basically do what they wanted to do now they they have no more connection to the High School Story Prime App.

    19. Worse: No More Seniors. But a downside to that is that these characters are ‘’iconic’’ in Pixelberry. Julian, Autumn, Payton. Their finale at the end of High School Story, Book 3 was definitely something. At…

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  • Fearless Diva

    Hey Guys,

    So I recently came across this YouTuber called CamEdits  who has made some great fan-made trailers for ES, TRR and Perfect Match. Check them out below

    1.) Endless Summer

    2.) The Royal Romance

    3.)  High School Story

    4.) It Lives in the Woods


    5.) Perfect Match


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  • I Am MonkeyBoy

    Story Ideas

    December 18, 2018 by I Am MonkeyBoy

    I would really like to know what kind of story ideas my fellow editors have.

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  • Superherofanatic1999
    • ===There *may be* another college based series that isn't the Freshman. ===

    I actually wouldn't mind if there was another College based slice-of-life series. But there are some things that have to change. For starters, a male MC. Second, have the focus be on class, not parties. Third...have good love interests. The main 5 love interests in the Freshman are a generic golden boy (Chris), one of the most boring people in existance (James), a selfish twit (Kaitlyn), a generic bad boy with "woe is me" syndrome (Zig), and a pretty terrible person who the writers think I should forgive for whatever reason (Becca). 

    • ===Andrew is working on 5 projects. 4 of them the people doing the livestream originally didn't know about. ===

    Andrew does appear to be…

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  • Caspian Karazai

    What does everyone think? Does she deserve her own page?

    I think she does deserve her own page. She was an important character in the final chapters of Perfect Match, Book 2. Her character didn't get the spotlight that often, but she did have more than a few lines and was important to the storyline. I also think she deserves a page because there several other characters like Lucillia Nazario, Keegan and Winona Johnson who were less major characters than Vera Thompson and still have a page. I just doesn't feel right for the President of the United States, who appeared in multiple chapters and was pretty much a plot point to be featured just as a section in the miscellaneous section.


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    Ok so I'm playing TRR for the first time, and I just finished book one. Needless to say I'm not enthused about how it ends and I tend to hate this type of cliffhanger. I don't mind spoilers, so can someone tell me how long it is before this cliffhanger is resolved (not revealed per se, more how long before Madeleine is out or whatever and everything is carrying on as it would have) I hope this makes sense. thanks for the help!

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  • Taylor Vaanu McKenzie


    Michelle heard her phone rang as soon as she sat down on for lunch, and she hasn't even ordered anything yet. That better not be work. She sighed as she pulled it out off her pocket to check the Caller ID. "Oh, it's Sean." Her mouth curves into a gentle smile, she presses the answer icon and holds the phone near her ear. "Hi dear, is Jake still driving you crazy with the whole new-boyfriend-that-looks-like-his-old-boyfriend thing?" She lifts up the restaurant's complimentary drinks to her lips.

    //It's true.//

    Michelle is glad she hasn't taken any real sip yet, because she did not need to make a scene by doing what Raj would call an epic spit-take. She placed her glass back down. "I'm sorry, what?"

    //It really is Taylor. Jake's right,…

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  • Taylor Vaanu McKenzie


    Jake's been going on this casual dates with the bus boy he kept claiming was actually Taylor. Sean didn't really know how to feel about that, and he keeps saying as much to Craig. The Asian didn't like it either; it's all he's been hearing whenever he would go visit Sean, even when he came to talk about either a football game or his game or both.

    "I just don't think it's fair, you know. That─"

    "─Jake's dating a guy just because he reminds him of Taylor." Craig mutters monotonously, as if he's been hearing the same thing for weeks... which is most probably the case.

    Sean continues, not even listening to his best bud. "─because he reminds him of Taylor and he might not even like the guy for the guy himself, and I don't think─"


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  • Taylor Vaanu McKenzie

    "What?!" Taylor widened his eyes, getting off the sofa as he stared at the blond and almost kicking the mugs of hot cocoa off the coffee table. "we missed your birthday?! Why didn't you say it was recent? I could've gotten you a late present!"

    Jake smiled, amused with the brunette's reaction. For some reasons, I think I should've expected him to react like that... He chuckled. "It's not that recent. We're towards the end of the month, and it was on the first week. It's not a big deal, Boy Scout." he reached for the brunette's waist, pulling him back. "meeting you is a gift enough."

    "Flatterer," Taylor said, flushed. He held the blond's arms around him, "But no, we're doing this properly." He pulled out his phone as he sat back on the sofa. "Hell…

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  • Taylor Vaanu McKenzie


    Wake up, make literal bacon, make metaphorical bacon, meet some of the old gang if able, go home, sleep or try to, then repeat. This has been the routine Jake McKenzie lived by ever since making it back to the States. Sure, there was that whole legal matter with Lundgren and clearing his name. But the others stuck by him, from legal assistance offered by Sean and Michelle to simple moral support of Raj and Diego, and then some from the others, he was finally able to clear his name and move back to a normal life with his mother and sister, Rebeccah.

    Of course, he was grateful. He managed a few years with them until his mom passed on, and his sister married some guy Jake still wasn't sure deserved her. But having a nephew like Michael mad…

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  • Kungming2


    December 2, 2018 by Kungming2


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  • Chaotic38

    Estimated Choices Timeline

    November 27, 2018 by Chaotic38

    I'll be checking back on this and updating frequently, so if you have any sort of feedback, be sure to let me know so I can make this timeline as perfect as possible.

    (?) = Widely Estimated Placement

    1232 BCE(?) - The Crown and the Flame, Book 1
    1231 BCE(?) - The Crown and the Flame, Book 2
    1230 BCE(?) - The Crown and the Flame, Book 3
    52 BCE - A Courtesan of Rome
    1815 - Desire & Decorum


    2016 - Most Wanted, Book 1

    2016 - The Freshman, Book 1
    2016 - Chris: Luxury Getaway (Determanant?)
    2016 - Kaitlyn: The Perfect Date (Determanant?)
    2016 - James: Masquerade Ball (Determanant?)

    2016 - The Freshman: Snowed In
    2016 - The Freshman: Game of Love
    2016 - The Freshman, Book 2
    2016 - The Haunting of Braidwood Manor


    2017- The Freshman, B…

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  • Andisimon

    Peter and Grace Liao, characters in The Freshman series, are Kaitlyn's parents. They are first seen in Book 2, Chapter 10.

    Peter and Grace have black hair, brown eyes and tan skin. Usually, Peter wears a white shirt and a black jacket, and Grace wears pearl earrings and a white dress with purple flowers on it.

    From dialogue with Kaitlyn, we are given the impression that both Peter and Grace are very strict and traditional parents. After Kaitlyn's coming out they both need some time to adjust - Peter more than Grace - but accept and love her the way she is.

    Kaitlyn is Peter's and Grace's daughter. Kaitlyn is still afraid to come out to her parents and the way her father constantly talks about Arjun doesn't help her feel more comfortable. When she …

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  • Taylor Vaanu McKenzie

    Why I love him
    • He's hot and must be protected from his angst.
    • He needs more reasons to be happy so as to not go to a dark end.
    • His dry humor and sass is so sexy.
    • Do you see that hair?!
    • The fact that he calls me Boy Scout but he's even more versatile than me (especially if I don't have diamonds for particular choices. I mean, he can fly a plane AND a helicopter, fly a glider he just started using, make a bonfire, swim while dragging an unwilling passenger with him [Hi, Aleister] and et cetera)
    • I'm actually a sucker from blonds and blue eyes wearing green jackets. (On a side note, I had a crush on Jeremy Johnson from PnF and definitely romanced Michael Harrison which I am headcanon-ing as Jake's nephew through his sister)
    • He gave me a nickname on t…

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  • Taylor Vaanu McKenzie

    I don't think side couples are discussed enough, because if you asked me, they're just as interesting as your MCs own love life. And I'm going to highlight two of my favorite side couples.


    Let's admit it, Endless Summer is definitely one of the best series CHOICES: Stories you Play definitely came up with it, and here's to still hoping for following books or companion series (especially with that Rourke ending route.)

    While we're at it, let's also admit that the dynamic of Varyyn and Diego was another thing they did right. From the 'Imma-hit-you-with-this-chair-now' rough start (and the accidentally kill you one if you couldn't get it on with a Love Interest), to the 'He's actually an okay guy' hints of a small crush development, it's been …

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  • Fearless Diva
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    Hi all,

    I've been wondering lately if it would be a good idea to have a new format for the Series page. The catalog is growing and is getting pretty big and I think this new format would look neater as well as offer more information.

    I have started the table idea I have to show y'all an example and get your thoughts. Of course this isn't how it would look as a finished product, but you can get an example and an idea of how things would look. We can link the book to each title on the table and I can also add in the plotlines in a column, though those could look messy.

    Let me know what y'all think.

    edited with new design on 1/27/19

    Title Premiere Finale Books Releases Status
    The Freshman Series August 17, 2016 December 21, 2018 12 books, 1…

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  • StoryGirl83

    This blog post is to discuss and determine the elemental attunement of each answer on the test. Each question should cover all six possible answers. That means if there are three answers, each will have two elements, four answers means two will have two and two will have one, five answers means one will have two answers and four will have one each.

    NOTICE: People have asked how they can help with figuring out the results of this. There are two ways you can do this. One is find results on social media and post them here. Reddit and YouTube have already been searched though there could be newer results posted. The second is to post your own results here. Within the second one there is a more detailed option. If you wish to only play the chapt…

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  • Лиза Бронштейн

    As a Dragon Age fan, I couldn't help but notice a striking resemblance between Yvonne and Isabela from Dragon Age II (especially in her Heroes of Dragon Age upgrade). Do you guys think it's worth mentioning in the character page?

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    So...we know that Across The Void is probably the least popular thing on the app right now, and rightfully so. It's honestly just boring. We probably only have about 3-5 chapters left and we know nothing about the war, the big bad, anything plot wise. And Zaniah being a villain was predictable after the last chapter. So I'm going to compare it to the other action/adventure/mystery series we have going on right now.

    It Lives Beneath: We started with a real zinger of an opening. Two minutes into the first chapter, we walked in on a double murder that was even more traumatic because the victims were our parents. It even shows that our character could have PTSD given that seeing Imogen spill her drink caused us to flashback to the night our pa…

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  • Andisimon

    I just checked how the reflection's appearance changes according to MC's appearance. No matter which hairstyle you choose for the MC, only the face changes but the hairstyle of the reflection remains the same. So one hairstyle for female reflections and one hairstyle for male reflections. I hope this will help when creating the page for the MC

    Edit Blog can be deleted now

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  • Cheetos8089

    I am going to review the college year books. I think the series is kind of terrible. I'm glad it's ending.

    I liked the first 3 books, well, better than the others. The Freshman Book 1 is my first book ever played, so I will review it.

    At least the first three books focus on real college scenarios, but it probably won't be my favorite book in the franchise when I discover others. I hated the fact that at first, the game tries to make you to date Chris, later James. I also hate that we can't be single meaning we have to date someone (between annoying Chris, boring James, or criminal Katylin). I liked the Becca storyline until The Sophomore (which I will get to later). I also hated how we were forced to play as a girl instead of choosing our ge…

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  • Aprilzella

    The Names of my MC'sp

    October 24, 2018 by Aprilzella
    • Freshman series: EmilyAnd (autocorrect put and next to Emily and I just stuck w it)
    • ROE: Oldest sister: Kate

    Bookish sister: Jess Party sister: Sam Brother: Ross Cousin: Lilac Aunt: Nancy

    • ES: Abby
    • #LoveHacks: January
    • Haunting: Blaire
    • TRR: MC: Libby

    King: Darcy (aka Mr. Darcy... I love Jane Austen's work)

    • Hero: Ella (she looked like me so I named her accordingly)
    • HSS: Roxanna Azizinamini (first name of my aunt and the last name of my friend's crush)
    • ILITW: Mei
    • HftH: Debbie Downer (I hated her immediately...)
    • RCD: Essi (after my grandmother)
    • PM: Kaia Park

    Match: Renamed Jayden (male)

    • Bloodbound: Eliza
    • VoE: Gabriella
    • AME: Victoria
    • D&D: Elizabeth Bennet (again, Jane Austen)
    • AtV: Venus Elara
    • BSC: Morgan (female)
    • Elementalists: Zora Mikau (Legends of Zelda)
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  • Gryffinpuffz


    I've been thinking about something, and I decided to make a blog post to get others opinions about it.

    So. The Psychopaths category. I believe that it covers too many mental problems at the same time. The description for the category is: "These are criminals and villains who are violent, sadistic, and show signs of mental instability." Still, there are characters there who don't fit into that description. Kassidy Marquez for example, never showed signs of sadism. (Not that I can remember anyway) She was a criminal and there was probably something messed up with her way of thinking, but she was neither violent or sadistic. I also feel like the description of mental instability is problematic, because I don't think someone with mental i…

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  • Superherofanatic1999

    Bryce Sterling

    October 16, 2018 by Superherofanatic1999

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  • Andisimon

    Fearless Diva asked to create another blog post so everyone can comment on vote on some general guidelines concerning first and last appearances for characters that can be integrated into the "Character Editing Guidelines" page (

    The question arose because there are several characters among different series whose first and/or last appearances depent on your decisions, mostly diamond choices. So that we're all on the same page while adding such info to their infoboxes, I begin reposting my suggestion that I already posted on FD's message wall. It is a combination of formatting already used here.

    1. we put (Official) for the first and/or last free route appearance if ch…

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  • StoryGirl83

    With It Lives In the Woods have have a blog post about the diamond to nerve yield ratio of choices to help people get the best nerve yield for their diamonds. Although it is still very early in It Lives Beneath I thought I would start one for this book as well, because I will want this. Obviously since the book isn't completed as It Lives I the Woods was when I started that one, information will change as more chapters come out. This also means I am likely to be able to get this one completed in a more timely manor, since I can only add those diamond choices in the chapters that are out.

    So far only the MC has a nerve meter, but I expect that to change fast. Also different about this book is that the MC starts at zero, so we are working our way u…

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  • Andisimon

    Fearless Diva asked me to compile the information about Your Character's twin from High School Story: Class Act to make it easier to create a page for them. I add information about Default Jordan as well in case anyone of you wonders what they will be like if you play the default route. Either because you haven't completed the previous books or because you don't want to import your decisions and start anew.

    I replayed the chapter looots of times in default mode with different settings for Your Character (Bailey) to see how it affects your twin and the default Jordan. I also cross-checked how it changes if you import your choices.

    I didn't spend any diamonds so I cannot say how diamond hair has an impact on how your twin will look like. Anyon…

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  • Andisimon

    After a discussion started yesterday on the HSS Book 2 walkthrough that gave me the vibe that we were close to another edit war, I asked Fearless Diva and she gave me permission to start a blogpost so that everyone of us can discuss the future use of hover formatting vs normal text for achievements. I think that we all want to be on the same page and don't go and undo each others formatting.

    I start by listing some pros and cons of each of the three ways that I could think of. Please join in and tell us which way you prefer and why. There are surely some other pros and cons or maybe even other ways of handling it that I didn't think of

    Long achievement texts don't take up much space on the walkthroughs -> looks "tidier"

    Hovers don't show on t…

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  • Damelza14

    Mr Reds Future??

    October 9, 2018 by Damelza14

    Hi all, So, as you know, It Lives Beneath is coming out tomorrow which is super exciting. One thing that I know a lot of people are exited about is that depending on your decisions in ILITW, we could see some of old characters. This got me thinking about our MC and Noah. One of them is the new Mr Red. I’m wondering if the new Mr Red could have some type of cameo in the new book. We probably won’t see the new Mr Red, but I think that he/she could have some connection to the monster. PB also might not include the new Mr Red at all. So what do think? Do you think Mr Red will make a cameo or have some sort of connection to the new book, or will they be forgotten? Let me know what you think!

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  • PurplePassion20

    All Desire, No Decorum is a retelling of the story Desire and Decorum. It is meant to be humorous and poke fun at said story, which has not been received well overall (the goal being to make this retelling more enjoyable than its own source material).

    Chapter 1 coming soon...

    Editor's note: I plan on doing humorous retellings of other poorly received stories after this one, most notably of Home For The Holidays, which I will call The Choices Holiday Special.

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