• Jadelady

    Merchandise Blog

    July 2, 2020 by Jadelady

    This is a work-in-progress blog, to start a database for upcoming Choices merchandise.

    Type Image Description Cost

    • Choices posted on their Twitter account that they would be releasing merchandise in July 2020.

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  • Jadelady

    Testing changes. changes noted in red
    Slight changes back to original dialogue:

    • I had played it before with a few modifications:
      • for example, Liam commented on how House Beaumont has never chosen to sponsor a commoner before (this was different than original but has now been removed)
      • PB had also removed the little snippet of Penelope at the end of Chapter 3 saying how Liam looked dashing and replaced it with Liam looking at MC from across the ballroom instead; that snippet is now back and Liam isn't in very last seconds of the chapter.

    Slight changes to scenery:

    • Chapter 4, when Liam whisks you to "balcony" to dance, it used to be the "courtyard" where you see the hedge maze... now it's actually a balcony.

    Other than that, just the masquerade outfi…

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  • 8emi95

    This is just a draft for the walkthrough.

    Choices that have no outcome on the side have not been explored yet. Please help this page by contributing those answers!

    Depending on the choices you make in this book, Jax or Lily will die in Chapter 15, unless he/she is your closest LI. Their sacrifice is dependent on 22 choices. Five of these are free choices and appear in all paths, in three of them you will have to choose between the four love interests. The last two choices are crucial and can directly influence the outcome, this is detailed under said choices in Chapter 15. Choices made in previous books don't count (except for the one in Book 2 where you choose your closest LI).

    Choice 7

    • Adrian. (No effect)
    • Kamilah. (No effect)
    • Lily. (No effect) …

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  • General Khor

    Hello and welcome to part 2 of my HSS review blog, and today I will talk about what fans like and don't like about the franchise. The reason I decided to split this review into two parts is because it's really long, and by the time I finished part 1, it's already very late. 

    So, there are many significant differences between the two trilogies, and while overall, the original trilogy is better than Class Act, that doesn't mean there aren't any good points about CA, nor does it mean there aren't any not-so-good points about the original. In this blog, I'll not only be listing what makes the original trilogy better than Class Act, but also what PB did better in CA than the originals. As for "the ugly", this part will highlight some key issues …

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  • Sidfurry153

    So here are the characters that I hate; I do have reasons for them, but I'm too lazy to list them.

    • Robert
    • Raife Highmore
    • Tialo
    • Luther Nevrakis
    • Ex-Fiance
    • Brian Crandall
    • Piper

    As more stories get released, I might be back to update this list; it really just depends on what happens.

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  • General Khor

    Hello and welcome to another review blog by General Khor, and today, I want to talk about one of Choices' longest running franchaises, one full of excitement and laughs. Yes, I'm talking about High School Musi- wait, what am I talking about again? Oh right, it's High School Story, which as you know, has finally come to an end after two and a half years.

    Initially, I decided I had no reason to play this franchise, the main reason I changed my mind is that I needed to stock up on diamonds to complete my goals for TC&TF and ES (right now I've just started another run of BB, and I guess I'll complete the portraits first, followed by ES goals and lastly TC&TF goals). In fact, this is also the reason I played BSC. Another reason I started these t…

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  • General Khor

    Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to the General... happy Choiceversary too!

    That's right, another birthday, another Choiceversary. That means it's time for another review blog! Hello everyone, this is General Khor, and today, I bring you this blog about how Choices is doing as of the first half of 2020, as well as reviews for recently completed series. Well, series completed, that is. I meant to title the last review blog for 2019 "Reviews for series I completed last year", too bad I can't change the title of the blog once I publish it.

    So, as of the first half of 2020, I can't really say the Choices Dark Age is over yet, because even though we welcomed electrifying new adventure stories such as Blades of Light & …

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  • Thebedazzleddementor


    Hi! I had a lot of fun typing the LIs from Blades, so I decided to do another set. I settled on Open Heart, since it's another series where the love interests happen to neatly slot into the four types.

    In case you're not familiar with the classical temperaments, it's an ancient personality system that roughly divides personalities on two criteria: extroversion vs. introversion and stable vs. reactive. It's not really psychology, just a basic framework for thinking about personality types. Another caveat is that I'm going to be focusing on "pure" temperaments—in other words, talking about each character as if they fit fully and completely in one category. Obviously, people (even fictional people) are more complicated than that, an…

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  • Thebedazzleddementor

    This was originally written as a forum post, but I wanted to save a copy here so that I don't lose it.


    I'm doing a replay of Blades and I just realized how perfectly the LIs fit the four temperament model. Wanted to jot my thoughts down here for anyone else interested in personality theory.

    If you're not familiar with the classical temperaments, it's a sort of pseudo-medical, pseudo-psychological theory of personality. It developed into a full-fledged school of thought among the ancient Greeks, who believed that human personality was influenced by "humors," or different types of bodily fluids/secretions. Which is definitely super gross, but there you go.

    Later scholars expanded on these theories to create a set personality typolog…

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  • Jacked Maverick

    The following contains spoilers for Endless Summer, Book 2 and both Blades of Light & Shadows and It Lives in the Wood’s ending.

    Wednesday, June Third. Twenty-twenty.

    The day Blades of Light & Shadow, Book 1’s final chapter aired… and also the day I finally deleted Choices: Stories You Play.

    One thousand, three-hundred, and ninety-one (1,391) days with the app.

    This blog post is just to express myself and thoughts.

    I don’t even know where to begin here. I guess it would be best to start where things started getting dim for me.

    2019 is considered by many to be Pixelberry’s worst year. With the onslaught of gender locked romance books and canceling fan-favorite series. None highlight the beginning of the end as much as Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Roman…

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  • Jadelady


    May 24, 2020 by Jadelady

    I actually had a similar mindset that Reddit user paradise_seeker |- |Book 1 |3200000 |5100000 |6100000 |1900000 |2200000 |- |Book 2 |780000 |990000 |680000 |690000 |790000 |- |Book 3 |330000 |340000 |290000 |240000 |290000 |- |Total |4310000 |6430000 |7070000 |2830000 |3280000 |- |Retention Rate (Bk1 to Bk2) |24% |19% |11% |36% |36% |- |Retention Rate (Bk1 to Bk3) |10% |7% |5% |13% |13% |}

    These numbers do not surprise me. For me, "Red Carpet Diaries, Book 1" was better than Book 2 and Book 3. Book 2 threw in the "Me Too" movement but did not expand the drama more than a few chapters and wrapped it up in a tidy bow that realistically would not have happened. I understand players don't read the books to have 100% reality, but to me, when re…

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  • PinkMate22

    So I've been re-playing ROE and I was wondering who is your favourite, and least favourite main playable character and why? Out of the 4 siblings, so this is excluding Cousin, who I named Lisa btw.

    My favourite main character is Party-Girl Sister, who I named Kelly. A reason why is because I felt that she actually grew by the end. I also realized that I like her scenes the best, they're usually light hearted fun, they're enjoyable and usually paced well, I enjoy all of the characters and it's nice to see her grow a sense of responsibility. I also feel that she has the most personality and the best love interests excluding MC's LI's, since Carter, Blake and Mira are all endearing to me. I just don't click with Audrey & Elena. I usually pair …

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  • Jacked Maverick

    Helloooo! I'm Jacked Maverick. Writing is my passion and I love making reviews!

    You know, we hate on Choices a lot these days. To file another complaint against them is just beating a dead horse. But we often forget that this is a talented company that has brought us quality content! Today, instead of filing yet another negative blog, I want to do something different and focus on what positive things Pixelberry made from 2019 to present day. Why 2019? Because many see it as the worst year they’ve had.

    I will try to keep any “personal” feelings out of this. So without further ado, here are ten GOOD things Pixelberry did in 2019 (up to today). Ranked from good, to great.

    Our top spot goes to a decision people have been clamouring for since the …

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  • Jadelady

    Unused Pictures

    April 25, 2020 by Jadelady

    This is just my place to put "unused" pictures until they become used. Also for me to try to figure out if some of the models have been used in reversed-horizontal-flipped form.

    PB reused some of the models but not all of the models, so these haven't been used again yet.

    Are Thomas Montjoy and Moira getting individual pages or a joint page? They're playable characters in the premium letter scenes but the scenes are very very short...

    "Playable" form picture unlike what is currently in the Misc Character page.

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  • Jadelady

    It Lives Nerve Points

    April 18, 2020 by Jadelady

    This is a work in progress....

    Chapter Cost XP
    1 💎12 MC +5, Tom +5
    2 💎18 MC +5, Parker +5
    3 💎17 MC +3
    4 💎19 MC +5, Danni +10
    5 💎18 MC +3, Tom +8
    6 💎19 MC +5, Imogen +10
    7 💎17 Danni +10
    8 💎16 MC +10, Parker +10
    9 💎20 MC +15, Imogen +10
    10 💎30 per LI MC +5, Parker +11
    MC +5?, Imogen +8
    MC +5, Tom +10
    MC +5, Danni +10
    11 💎18 MC +5, Tom +10
    12 💎19 MC +5, Danni +10
    13 💎20
    💎25 MC +10, Parker +10
    MC +10, Parker +10
    14 💎20 MC +3, LI +5
    15 💎30 MC +10, Tom +10, Imogen +10, Parker +10, Danni +10

    Chapter Cost XP
    1 💎25 MC +5
    10 💎25 MC +5

    Chapter Cost Description Total XP
    14 💎16
    💎15 Omen Bracelet
    Marlinspike MC +15
    MC +8
    7 💎20
    💎15 Skeleton Key
    Runed Bolas MC +7, Imogen +20, Parker +5
    Imogen +32, Danni +5
    11 💎15
    💎20 Seeing Stone
    Brass Knuckles MC +3, Danni +18
    MC +5, Danni +12
    9 💎16
    💎15 O…

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  • Jadelady


    April 4, 2020 by Jadelady

    This serves as a guide on how to upload and update/replace pictures. Please keep in mind of the following rules and/or suggestions:

    Please rename your pictures if they are going to be used on a wiki page. For example, do not upload one with the filename "IMG10349835.jpg" or "Screenshot040420_13947157.png" without changing it. The only exceptions are if you are adding it to the comments section where you're showing something to other users to ask about dialogue or a "fact" that was stated, or if you are adding it to your personal profile page.

    If you hit "upload" before changing the name and you realize your mistake, please contact a admin / moderator to rename your image file.

    It is suggested that you include the Book/Series abbreviated acron…

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  • Matt620

    In The Royal Masquerade, every noble house within Cordonia is granted a House Treasure by the current monarch. They are considered status symbols and possess magical powers. 

    Each House Treasure is a small, handheld item generally possessed by the head of the noble household. However, the Treasure's magic can be accessed by anyone with the proper knowledge. 

    Whenever a House Treasure's magic is triggered, the text describing the event is wreathed in fire. 

    The Jade Mirror is a silver, filigreed mirror inlaid with jade, and is posssesed by Annalisa. It was gifted by Kendra Rhys upon the planned ascension of Annalisa's House to nobility. After Annalisa is incapacitated during Kendra's assassination, the mirror falls to her adopted younger siste…

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  • Thebedazzleddementor

    • Aconitum: 
    • Arretium:
    • Alesia: Gallic town in modern-day France and the site of Vergingetorix's capture by the Romans.
    • Vestal Virgin: 
    • Villa: 
    • Villica: 

    • Woad paint: 

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  • Lightofkind

    Blood bound was a really great book and one of my favorites. they had a lot of good plots. and I almost cried when some of the characters had to pass away. my character's name was Ashlyn. They did a really good job with the Love interest and Villains in the story.

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  • StoryGirl83

    So many books, so few diamonds. Each new chapter brings with it between two and six diamond choices that can cost any where from 40 to as much 100 diamonds or even more to get through a chapter with all diamond choices bought. Unless you are buying a lot of diamonds you can only get 77 diamonds a week for ads and bonus diamonds and 2 diamonds per new chapter you play, usually between 5 and 8 new chapters.

    This guide is meant to give you an idea what you are really getting when you buy a diamond choice. It will focus on older books first, but if anyone would like to help with the research, I would be happy to get your help. If you do at least half of the guide for a book, I will give you credit for it at the end of this blog post. If you do …

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  • PinkMate22

    Is everybody okay?

    March 22, 2020 by PinkMate22

    I haven't been on this wiki in a while and this blog post isn't really Choices related but I'm making this to check up on people and ask if they're okay with this whole nation wide lock down going on. There are some people on this wiki who I've come to enjoy and I hope they're doing okay. @ me if you need someone to talk to because it's getting kinda crazy in my small town so I could only imagine how it is in bigger places and besides my sister, I got no one lol (I'm fine tho)

    I'm also wondering if some of the books will be postponed because of it. A lot of workplaces are closed down and I wonder if the writers work from home like a lot of people are doing now.

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  • 8emi95

    Just a test. Will be deleted shortly.

    Unofficial Maximum Possible XP: 11/50 (Level 1)

    Skills needed for the maximum XP for all species: Skills

    • (RECOMMENDED) or
    • or

    Unofficial Maximum Possible XP:

    • Elf: 31/100 (Level 2)
    • Human or Orc: 6/100 (Level 2)

    Skills needed for the maximum XP: Skills

    • Elf:
      • or
    • Human or Orc:
      • or
      • (RECOMMENDED for ALL species)

    Note: As an Elf, in order to reach the maximum possible XP after Chapter 6, you will have to pick Beastmaster instead of Charisma which means you'll only have 21/100 XP at the end of Chapter 2.

    Unofficial Maximum Possible XP:

    • Elf: 51/100 (Level 2)
    • Human or Orc: 36/100 (Level 2)

    Skills needed for the maximum XP: Skills

    • Elf:
      • or
      • or
      • or
    • Human or Orc:
      • or

    Unofficial Maximum Possible XP:

    • Elf: 1/750 (…

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  • ThatRomeo

    A long time ago, there lived a man in a distant village. He had a good enough life. A wife, three kids, a village of friends, and a plot of land to call his own. But one day, while plowing his field, he found a buried lamp. And when he rubbed it, a genie appeared and gave him three wishes.

    • For the first wish, he asked for great wealth. A pile of gold appeared all around him. But the rest of the village suffered instantly. Their crops withered, wells dried, larders went empty.
    • Next, the man wished for immortality. The genie granted it... But when he ran into his house, his wife and children were all dead.

    • Infinite power (The real issue here is that the genie holds all the power, right? Anything the man wishes for, the genie can screw up or put…

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    March 20, 2020 by JESSIEJJD13

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you are all staying healthy and safe! 

    I am excited to announce a new feature I have been working on for the last couple of months here at the wiki. We have decided to implement a fun new feature to add on to your profile, userboxes!

    I'm sure most of you are familiar with the general concept, but for those that aren't I've laid out some information to know about using these below. 

    What are userboxes? Userboxes are little boxes of information that you can put on your profile page to let people know more about you. They have fun designs and gifs or pictures on them. In our first installment of userboxes, we have about 35 userboxes to choose from and we will be constantly creating more. We will likely have several hundred by t…

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  • His sweet little Angel

    Edit: I have deleted my previous blog here, because I believe it was too long, and decided that I will instead just copy paste my comment which is under Gaius Augustine’s profile. Because you cannot delete a blog on your own.


    So about Gaius Augustine~

    He’s truly my all time favorite Choices charachter. :) Fascinating in every way. A multidimensional person. There’s so much to him and we still know almost nothing about. We know only a little side of him, because it’s not been long since he got released from Rheya’s mind control. The real Gaius is so lovable.

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  • Jadelady


    March 15, 2020 by Jadelady

    This is a work-in-progress / draft for a possible page answering questions frequently asked by new players.

    The Choices App has tested out various "Daily Diamonds" frequencies before setting on its current "Five Diamonds Every 23 Hours" formula. This is noted on the App by the gift icon located at the bottom right corner, which turns orange when the timer has finished counting down from 23 hours.

    In addition, a player can gain six diamonds for ending six chapters per day. The time this "day" resets depends on the player's location. Because Pixelberry's main office is in California, USA, it operates on GMT-7 during Daylight Savings Time (Pacific Daylight Time) from March 8, 2020 to November 1, 2020; and GMT-8 during Standard Time (Pacific Sta…

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  • Thebedazzleddementor

    The City and Country of San Francisco

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  • Thebedazzleddementor

    Tokyo the national capital of Japan.

    Tokyo is located on the Pacific coast of Honshu, the largest of Japan's four islands.

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  • Jadelady

    Pay Once or Pay Twice

    February 9, 2020 by Jadelady

    This is just a draft/continuation of StoryGirl83's blog but to get it prepared to put on a regular page. I think I've incorporated everyone's comments from her blog, but if I missed something, feel free to comment. Once the page is up, it will be available to be edited as normal.

    engagement photos were purchased in Book 2, you would have to pay for Drake/Maxwell/Hana in Book 3; if you "carried over" the choices from Book 2 (with Liam as your fiance) and then changed fiance/e in the set-up for Book 3, the achievement/dialogue with Ana de Luca unlocks as if you have the engagement photos (even if you do not purchase them with a new fiance/e).

      • Chapter 16: last "fling" with past love interest is pay per love interest. For example, if Liam is your f…

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  • Jadelady

    This blog is to hold and gather information forthcoming in the Blades of Light and Shadow series. Once enough information is obtained, it may be transferred to a regular wiki page.

    This page contains all the allies found in Blades of Light and Shadow, Book 1.

    # Name Image Description Chapter recruitable Fate if not recruited Requirement
    1 Kade


    The Bard
    Your character's "brother", best friend, and only family. 1 N/A None
    2 Nia

    (Nia Ellarious)

    The Priestess
    An apprentice priestess of the Light. One of your Love Interests. 1 N/A None
    3 Mal

    (Mal Volari)

    The Rogue
    A thief who joins your party to increase his reputation. One of your Love Interests. 2 N/A None
    4 Threep


    The Nesper
    A winged cat known as a Nesper joins your party. 3 N/A None
    5 Tyril



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  • General Khor

    Hello and welcome to another review blog by General Khor, and today, I want to talk about a series that managed to capture the hearts of fans, a series that has just ended recently, which is why I made this blog. Now, I know what some of you may be thinking: hadn't I already given a review for America's Most Eligible? Well, that was the unofficial review, which I made after completing Book 1, while this is the real review. Alright, without further ado, here it is.

    So, America's Most Eligible is a series that has really sent a surge of adrenaline and emotions into fans, and after one and a half years or so, it's finally over. The reason this series is special is that it adds a new element to romance stories: instead of just long dialogue and m…

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  • Circy

    (I update this blog while we progress through this story. I like your input, if you want to give it to me.)

    I wanted to make a blog about the Skillpoints and what seems to be the most efficient ways to level up in the story. Most of this information, you can also find somewhere else on the Wiki, but I like to do this for myself for easy access.

    The theory so far for counting up the XP is:

    Starter: 1/5 skillbar = 2XP on correct choices

    Level 1: 1/50 skillbar = 5 or 10XP on correct choices

    Level 2: 1/100 skillbar = 10 or 20XP on correct choices

    Level 3: 1/750 skillbar = 25 or 50XP on correct choices

    Level 4: 1/2500 skillbar = 100 to 300XP on correct choices

    Level 5: 1/7500 skillbar = 250 to 750 XP on correct choices

    How often are the Skills used? And w…

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  • Bigmacattack667

    Book ideas

    January 25, 2020 by Bigmacattack667

    Things I’d love to see as choices book.

    1.          Assassin book. A book in another timeline which is about male/female being a assassin. It would be very much like ACOR, but maybe in Greek.

    2.          Mafia book. I want a book where mc is part of the Mafia and there’s a point system involved of TH. A research of mine however showed not a lot of players love/like criminals so you’ll get the option to play as mafia, or as cop who goes undercover. You can choose to betray or not betray the gang in the end.

    3.          President book. With becoming a queen, time traveller, and a famous singer there’s only a few big dreams missing and one of them is being president of the united states of America. Play as a male/female on your quest to conquer …

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  • The Jacked Maverick

    I already expressed my disdain for Choices now. I don't even play any of the current stuff and haven't read any holiday specials. I said I don't even want to make more reviews now. Going into 2020, I despise the current slate now.

    This new entry feels like beating a dead horse with what I hope. So, what if I tackle this next year in a different way> Without letting their previous I want to see how predictable Choices will be going forward.

    • Heir is the next Freshman. There will be a sequel series after Heir that tackles parenthood.. That deserves it's own separate blog for predictions.
    • Masquerade will be a one-shot.
    • Open Heart and Ride or Die will be Duologies. (No Book 3)

    • Blades of Light & Shadow will be the next Across the Void/Nightbound.
    • A h…

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  • BigLenny

    My Predictions for 2020

    January 12, 2020 by BigLenny

    Now that it's early 2020, that makes me think of my predictions on Choices for this year. They may or may not come true in some ways.

    • Blades of Light and Shadow will be a success, considering the amount of effort the writers, particularly Andrew Shvarts, claimed to put in. Should it succeed in generating lots of revenue and delivering the intended experience as an RPG, it will motivate Pixelberry to release more non-romance stories. From the looks of the teasers, however, a second book is unlikely due to the staggering amount of effort it takes to tell such a story.
    • Distant Shores will be released on February and will be a success, though less so than Blades of Light and Shadow. There will be some romance thrown into it, which will make it a…
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  • I Am MonkeyBoy

    I don't know if anyone will ever even watch this, but I'm in the middle of watching a Club Penguin "movie". It's interesting and I'm enjoying it so much that I HAVE to recommend it to SOMEONE. It actually reminds me of a movie called "The Warriors". If you haven't seen THAT movie either, watch it. It's a great movie too.  Here is the link:

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  • KikiLamore

    Here's hoping!

    January 9, 2020 by KikiLamore

    I am glad that Pixelberry is wrapping up some of the books that felt more like crispy breadstick instead a delectable lasagna.  However, there were a few that I would have liked to had seen continued, like, Wishful Thinking.  But my main hope is that there will finally be more male LI's that have chesthair instead of being smooth like a baby hippo.  That being said, I haven't played all of the books since some genres are not to my liking.  But, man oh man, I would have enjoyed some tamed coif of chest hair on My Royal Love, in TRR.  I was expecting for a few other characters to be more fleecy, like Drake, also in TRR series or Sawyer in the BSC series.  The first character that I saw was Levi in Mother of the Year, it was nice to see and I…

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  • General Khor

    Hello everyone, this is General Khor. Ok, I said that I'll be doing an end of year review blog on Tuesday, but since I had no time to do it, I decided to tell you my feelings for last year's slate in Jessie's review blog, but I still felt I should do official reviews for the series which I have completed back then. So, before I begin, I'll first go over what I wrote in the comments in J's blog, just to refresh your memory.

    So, as I said, I don't really like how PB made 2019 a year of romance, and last year's slate was ok, at the very most. There are three possible reasons for the whole "year of romance" slate: either they're really on a money crunch (and I guess adventure and mystery books really are expensive), or they just decided to make…

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  • Jadelady


    January 1, 2020 by Jadelady

    This is a work-in-progress rough draft. If you would like to add any information, please feel free to comment and I can work on it.


    On August 2, 2019, Pixelberry announced on its website's blog that they were working with the Chinese company Tencent to produce adaptations of their properties for a Chinese audience. The app 1001 currently has adaptations of The Crown & The Flame, High School Story, and The Royal Romance. As Pixelberry noted, these adaptations should be thought of as “inspired by” adaptations for the Chinese market, not straight translations.

    As noted by kungming2, the app 1001 also contains other stories from different non-Pixelberry entities. This page only focuses on the 1001 novels inspired by the Choices series.

    • The Cr…

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  • PB Am I Right

    Books on Brake?

    January 1, 2020 by PB Am I Right

    Hi everyone sorry for making this post so late but I am very curious and confused on what books are on hiatus right now? Can anyone help clear this up for me?

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    2019: Year In Review

    December 30, 2019 by JESSIEJJD13

    Hello all, 

    I hope this post finds you well and you are doing well. The end of another year is here. 2019 has come and gone as has a year worth of Choices reading.

    I thought something fun and reflective to do could be to make a 2019 Year in Review for PB, their books of the year, trends in the game for the year, etc. I'm going to list out a few statistics on what was released this year and then ask everyone some questions about what they thought of the 2019 slate on the game. 

    This is meant to be a fun little exercise to put things into perspective and I hope you all enjoy this and maybe realize some things you had not before. 

    Disclaimer: * This post is not to attack PB, their books, or the writers in any way, shape, or form.*

    First, I'll list…

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  • General Khor

    Hello, this is General Khor, and today I want to talk about another series that ended up shorter than expected. That series, of course, is The Elementalists. I mentioned I would have this blog done by yesterday, but my parents took me out for dinner with their friends, and by the time we went home, it was already very late, so I'm sorry about the delay. I mentioned this blog in my previous one about Nightbound, so if you haven't read that one, please check it out.

    So, before I get into the details, I will first give my rating for this series. And that is...


    That's right, the crowd is electrified! I said, the crowd is electrified! Bzzzzzt! "YAAAAAAAY!"

    Yes, this is one of those series that deserves the highest rating (at least f…

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  • General Khor

    Why Nightbound Failed

    December 27, 2019 by General Khor

    On August 1, 2019, the finale of Nightbound was out. But then, the Choices community got a massive shock: the series is over with just that one book. Needless to say, many fans were angry, but then I read that the book didn't reach PB's expectations, and I was surprised. The one question on my mind was: why?

    When the book ended, my semester had just started, so I had no time to start it. After my exams ended, this was the first new book I started. After finishing the book, I wasn't surprised anymore that NB wasn't serialised. This is because, let's just say, I found most, if not all, the faults identified by players. But before I discuss those faults, I'll first give my rating for this book, which is...


    Yes, that's right. I know som…

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  • Лиза Бронштейн

    Although we don't celebrate Christmas on December 25th in Russia, I want to congratulate fellow Choices players! For me it's also a great day because I got my master's degree today and I'm happy af :)

    Merry Christmas, guys! May the next year be better for all of us!

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  • Bigmacattack667


    December 23, 2019 by Bigmacattack667


    I might have looked over this, but how does the copyright policy works on this wikia?

    Are we just allowed to share information we find here? Should we give credtis for example?

    Is taking over or screenshotting pictures forbidden for example? 


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  • I Am MonkeyBoy


    December 10, 2019 by I Am MonkeyBoy

    Who here wants to read the story of the time my brother and I got into trouble for walking home from school even though we were basically told to? Who here wants to read the story of the time my brother and I got into trouble for walking home from school even though we were basically told to?   Alright, so I was in the 3rd grade, and he was in the 2nd grade. At our school, there were Car Riders and Pick-Ups, Walker 1's, Walker 2's, and Bus Riders. For some weird reason, the Walker 2's went home before Walker 1's (you would think that 1 would go first). Anyway, we were usually Car Riders and Pick-Ups, but that day, my teacher told me that my mom called to say that she changed me from a Car Rider to a Walker 2 (I presume that my brother's te…

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  • Necator7


    Imagine Open Heart which went all wrong.

    The scenario, in which Main Character is booted out of residency and endlessly suspended (about two years now)...

    Scenario in which:

    • the head of MC's department is a scary and luscious female boss in her Roaring Forties, looking like Harper Emery, but with personality of Priya Lacroix, who likes young male human residents, alive and wriggling... or rather Rheya Apostolous, posing as goody-two-shoes, despite actually being a bloodthirsty monster;
    • Landry Olsen is called a model resident, who won the first place (and in this scenario he's a girl who uses not only her wiles, but also her body, to achieve her goals);
    • the most of Medical Chamber is playing golf with Declan Nash, so they nearly unanimously vot…

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  • Thebedazzleddementor

    Rome is the capital of the Roman Empire and later of the country of Italy.

    Historically, Rome was located in the center of the Roman Empire, within the senatorial provinces.

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  • Thebedazzleddementor

    Las Vegas (often referred to simply as "Vegas") is the most populous city in the state of Nevada. It is nicknamed "Sin City" due to both its high preponderance of adult entertainment venues, such as strip clubs and casinos, and the unapologetic way it markets them.

    • Las Vegas was the initial setting of Nightbound until it was moved to New Orleans.

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  • Circy

    Hey, Everybody! I made a walkthrough for most of the new stuff in the infamous re-write of the first few chapters of The Royal Romance book 1. I have added my own opinions and recommendations in the walkthrough, because this is a blog, so I can do that! Haha! Also because I think it might be helpful for you to know what's better and worse than the original.

    So... Enjoy! Or at least, be careful what scenes you take?

    Choice 1

    • May the best woman win. (No effect)

    • My first act as queen will be banishing you! (No effect)

    • I'd actually rather date you. (No effect)

    Choice 2

    • Choose this look! (Face 1)
    • Choose this look! (Face 2)
    • Choose this look! (Face 3)

    Choice 3

    This is a fill-in-the-blank choice!

    • Enter the name of your charming prince.

    Default is "Liam"

    Choice 4

    • I'…

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