• PinkMate22

    Wedding Theme category

    August 17, 2019 by PinkMate22

    I would like to suggest a "Wedding Theme" category or something that sounds like that. There is ROE 3, TRR 3, D&D 3, RCD 3, AME:WE, STD (lol, I'm so immature) and idk if BP counts. There will probably be some in the future with how PB is going tbh. It was just a thought that came to mind. But the books all center around weddings right? What do you guys think? Yay or Nay? 

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  • Circy

    Struggles of the Heart

    August 16, 2019 by Circy

    No, this is not going to be a cute story about love. This is about literally my heart.

    About 8 years ago, a few months after my son was born, I still wasnt recovered from giving birth, I kept feeling tired. The doctor originally thought anemia, not enough iron in my blood. Made sense, it wasn't an easy labor.

    But the medication I got didn't help enough. So we went looking for something else. We discovered minor atrial fibrillation, a condition where the atrium chambers of the heart are fluttering, more than beating. Normally, if you discover it quick enough, it can be treated with heart medication and occasionally a cardioversion. A shock to the heart, kind of like described in one of the first chapters of Open Heart. I didn't need to worry, I …

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  • PinkMate22

    So I've taken a break from playing the new stories and Choices in general to focus on school, work and another wiki, plus some phone difficulties. But now that I've gotten back into it, I see all these new books that I just don't know if they're worth it or not. I've played the first chapter of all of them but haven't enjoyed what I saw. Are any of them worth the keys/diamonds or are they just diamond farms I should click to skip through? Are we boycotting the new stories to show our frustration? I'm so in! lol but the new stories I'm talking about are WT, SK, TRH, RCD3, D&D3, BSC2, BP and Platinum. Haven't read NB or BB2 but I will so no need to fear! But are any of them worth the time and effort? I would just like your opinion on them, I…

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  • Thebedazzleddementor

    Westchester is the main setting of It Lives In The Woods. It is a fictional town located somewhere in Oregon, USA, near Pine Springs, OR, which serves as the setting for It Lives Beneath.

    Westchester is located in Klamath County, a real county in southern Oregon, and is about an hour's car ride from Pine Springs. Typical of the Pacific Northwest region, it is surrounded by temperate forests. These woods give the book its title.

    Westchester has a long and varied occult history. Goddard E. Filleus' letters establish that a cult worshipping the Power was already well established by the 1870s. Filleus initially came to Oregon to research the Power, leaving his position at an unnamed university after receiving a blurry photograph of an "inhuman sil…

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  • BigLenny

    The Royal Heir Annals 7

    August 10, 2019 by BigLenny

    Ah, the ladies have arrived to show their love and respect for Her Divinity by preparing for Savannah Walker's wedding. And judging by the way everyone dresses for the bachelorette party in honor of Savannah Walker, isn't it obvious that Her Divinity is the ultimate winner? Her shining presence alone easily outshines those of the other women despite their vain efforts to fit into the uncouth theme. In the end, the party was ultimately a moment to make merry and enjoy the festivities, and Her Divinity's aura enabled everyone to remain in high spirits.

    But what's this? What is the lowly mortal Amalas doing in the middle of an insignificant place, and in front of Her Divinity, no less? What intentions does she have with her? Surely Monterisso …

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  • Sidfurry153

    The reason why I'm coming back late is because I've been studying for the SAT the whole summer and I really have to do my best on it (the essay section is the hardest). I don't really know what to talk about really, but here are the books that I'm still playing:

    • Red Carpet Diaries, Book 3
    • Bloodbound, Book 1
    • The Junior, Book 1
    • Sunkissed
    • Bachelorette Party
    • Platinum
    • Endless Summer, Book 1
    • Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance, Book 1
    • Big Sky Country, Book 2
    • Desire & Decorum, Book 3
    • It Lives In The Woods
    • Across the Void
    • The Royal Heir

    Also, I should warn you, I'm flying with my parents and little sister to Puerto Rico on August 25th, so I might be really late.

    That's pretty much gonna do it for this blog (I think I'll listen to the Circle of Life song from The Lion Ki…

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  • I Am MonkeyBoy

    Crazy Day 2

    August 6, 2019 by I Am MonkeyBoy

    Who wants to read the story of how crazy my day has been while waiting for my name to be called while in a waiting room. Spoiler Alert: It involves young children.  Ok, so when we (my mom and I) got there, I'm thinking that we weren't gonna be there long. I was wrong.  There were about 12 kids there (some of them related to each other). When it comes to loud voices, I get annoyed really quickly. Some leave to sit outside until their names are called. I'm thinking Thank God". Then another parent came in and her child was quiet, but he was curious. He kept messing with stuff. Examples being: Pulling the filter out of an air conditioner, picking up pamphlets, turning off another air conditioner. At one point, another parent and her child (who …

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  • Thebedazzleddementor

    Sweetridge is the main setting of the Big Sky Country series. It is a fictional rural town located in Montana, USA. Sweetridge is described as a small town, with residents often needing to drive to neighboring cities such as Billings to go shopping.

    Sweetridge is located in rural Monatana. The reputation of the state for open fields (especially east of the mountain ranges that surround cities like Helena) is what give the state, and therefore the series, the name "Big Sky Country." Sweetridge is surrounded by large areas of open fields used for ranching and farming. During the winter, it gets fairly heavy snow.

    The fact that the characters drive to Billings to shop places Sweetridge somewhere in south-central Montana, likely in Yellowstone Coun…

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  • BigLenny

    The Royal Heir Annals 6

    August 3, 2019 by BigLenny

    Her Divinity is so magnificent that even the Walker Ranch pales in her presence. What a joy it is to see everyone remember who she is, especially Bertrand and Savannah. And even little Bartie cannot resist basking in her glory. Who can blame him? Bianca and Leona should learn from this child's example by groveling in the magnificence of Her Divinity rather than commenting on whatever scandals she faced and having her perform grunt work. Not that she's incapable of such tasks, but she is no genie who caters to the whims of mere mortals. Nevertheless, it was still an opportunity for her to show her strength and might in front of others, especially after Bertrand's failed attempt to pacify chickens. That's because he didn't have time to bask …

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  • StoryGirl83

    Going Forward

    August 3, 2019 by StoryGirl83

    As most of us know there has been a lot of discontent with the Choices fandom on this wikia and on various social media over some recent choices. This blog post is mostly for me to keep track of what I want to do in response to this, but feel free to comment if you have something to say on it. It will also contain my advise on how to handle this, some of which will not apply to me, because it's already something I am doing.

    First off, for the time being do not buy any diamonds or keys, none. I do not buy anything in the first place, although I have considered it a few times and probably would if they were going a different direction.

    Second, keep playing. Do not delete the app. We are trying to get them to pay attention and if we delete the …

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  • Taintedcreatures

    Do you think that boycotting will make Choices better or worse? I personally think that the best way to show that we dislike a book or the books that we don't like is to just stop playing them and/or don't spend diamonds on them instead of deleting the whole app  and use the diamonds and keys for the books we like, I spent a lot of diamonds and keys to replay Endless Summer for example because I like it but I didn't spend a single diamond on HFTH because I didn't like it.

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  • StoryGirl83

    Pay It Twice

    August 1, 2019 by StoryGirl83

    Given that there are choices that you have to pay for more than once if you pick a different gender or a different love interest, this blog post is to chronicle those that I find or am told about.

    • The Royal Romance Book 3, Chapter 2 - Bath with fiancé/fiancée so far. Still in the replay of this book with different LI. (Thanks, Jadelady)
    • The Royal Heir, Chapter 2 - Sexy lingerie/underwear. (Thanks, Jadelady)
    • The Royal Heir, Chapter 4 - Sneaking off with spouse during ball scene. (Thanks, Jadelady)

    • All muscle, hacker, thief, and I assume grifter (but I haven’t gotten Miranda yet), and driver scenes/items except last chapter driver scene. (Thanks, Jadelady)

    • The Sophomore Book 1, Chapter 1 - Spending time with your loved one or Zack to raise their con…

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  • Thebedazzleddementor

    Grovershire is the birthplace of Your Character in Desire & Decorum.

    Grovershire is quite a small village, described by Briar Daly as "a dozen houses, and hundred chickens, and miles of hayfield." It is located in rural England, several hours from Edgewater by carriage ride. It is surrounded by unoccuipied land, including fields of flowers, apple orchards, and a stream in a mountainous area.

    Inside the village proper, there is a small but well-kept town square lined with shops and homes. Town square is laid out around a courtyard, in the center of which is a fountain. There is also a barn with a hayloft, a popular hiding place for courting couples.

    Your Character and Briar describe the people of Grovershire as being sometimes cruel or unwelco…

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  • SDAwesome1114

    Choices Youtubers

    July 30, 2019 by SDAwesome1114

    Which Choices youtuber do you all watch?

    I watch Abhirio and Lokim23

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  • BigLenny

    Even in her country of origin that is the United States, Her Divinity continues to gain the respect of people around her. It was even a blessing for her to have acquired the title of Savior of Cordonia. Not only was it accurate, but inspiring as well. Her former co-worker Daniel has been well-informed and shall receive a special place in Cassandrastan. Her Divinity has ensured him eternal bliss in the afterlife, always singing praises to her and attributing every good deed to her, even when relaxing in the midst of decorum expressing her in her magnificence.

    Who are these infidels desecrating the sanctity of Her Divinity and her entourage? Did they not realize her need for utmost respect for privacy? For their invasion of Her Divinity's pri…

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    So it's safe to say that this year we have reached a bit of a new low with Choices. Not only are the books lacking in quality (compared to the Golden Era), and are really just romance cash-grabs now, but it seems like every single release has become a gender-locked book. 

    In 2019, we have gotten the following: 

    1. Bachelorette Party - Locked
    2. RODABBR - Locked
    3. Platinum - Locked
    4. TRH - Locked
    5. Sunkissed - Locked
    6. Wishful Thinking - Locked
    7. MOTY - Locked
    8. OH - customizable 
    9. PTR - customizable - canceled
    10. Nightbound - customizable - looking to be canceled

    And in the pipeline, we've got:

    1. Wedding Planners - Probably locked
    2. Untitled Renaissance Book - Probably locked (in the vein of ACOR)
    3. Untitled Fantasty Book - customizable 

    Which brings me to my question, what is everyon…

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  • Thebedazzleddementor

    Hi all! Someone suggested I keep a copy of my timeline here for when the forum version is pushed out by newer discussions. This version might not be as up to date as that one, but I'll make edits on both.


    So, we all know that the books form one giant continuity. I'm trying to put together a timeline of how the books overlap, but don't have time/energy to replay everything and take detailed notes. I'm going to put what I have down here. Please feel free to offer your corrections or additions, as I'm doing this all from memory and have definitely missed things!

    Also, please check my math. For example, I thought ES covered 2017-2018 based on the ages in the dossiers and celebrating New Year's in Book 2, but if I got that wrong all th…

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  • BigLenny

    Look at all these puny mortals groveling in the presence of Her Divinity! Some are forgettable, but others are delightful. The most bearable of them all are Marguerite of Monaco and Amalas of Monterisso, though it was a delight to see Lerato speaking ill of that infidel Murderking Constantine. As for Bradshaw and Isabella of Auvernal, these two hoodlums shall someday realize that Cordonia, especially Cassandrastan, bows to nobody, not even upstart nations plotting to annex it in the guise of an "alliance".

    Despite the rabble of mortal rulers congregating in front of Her Divinity's sacred presence, she was nevertheless pleased in the end. The main reason wasn't because of all those people, though their adulation of her was much appreciated a…

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  • Davi Jaye

    Here is the link to vote below:

    I will choose the winner on July 31st, at 9:00pm EST (USA).

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  • Davi Jaye

    List will be subject to change and updates. Last updated 7/24/19

    The Freshman, Book 1 - August 17, 2016

    The Crown & The Flame, Book 1 - August 17, 2016

    Most Wanted, Book 1 - August 17, 2016

    Chris: Luxury Getaway - August 22, 2016

    Kaitlyn: The Perfect Date - August 22, 2016

    James: Masquerade Ball - August 22, 2016

    The Freshman, Book 2 - August 22, 2016

    The Crown & The Flame, Book 2 - September 14, 2016

    Rules of Engagement, Book 1 - September 22, 2016

    The Freshman: Love Bites - October 19, 2016

    The Freshman: Snowed In - December 7, 2016

    Endless Summer, Book 1 - December 15, 2016

    The Freshman, Book 3 - December 22, 2016

      - June 2, 2017

    Rules of Engagement, Book 3 - June 21, 2017

    Endless Summer, Book 2 - June 30, 2017

    Hero, Vol. 1 - July 12, 2017

    The Sophomor…

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  • BigLenny

    The moment Her Divinity set foot on her beloved duchy, the sun shone brighter than usual, instilling awe to worshipers greeting her and her entourage. They came giving gifts to her and her friends, such a embroidery for Hana and a copy of a book Maxwell wrote for himself. The rabble of reporters hound on King Leonard like vultures circling around a dying animal. Fortunately, His Majesty warded them off with reassurance that he and Her Divinity are prepared for the heir to Cordonia to come into this world.

    friends Kiara, Penelope, Merlin, and Morgana have arrived to greet Her Divinity, along with Madeleine. And what was this? Did Madeleine forgot the name of the Queen of Auvernal? She was Isabella one moment and Amalas next? Was she trying … Read more >
  • BigLenny

    After Choices posted their latest blog post here, that got me thinking about it.

    PB already announced that AME and D&D will return on August. To be honest, I'm not super excited because Book 2 of both books are downgrades from Book 1. AME has the repetitive formula repeated from Book 1, the double elimination system prevents me from getting to know the new contestants, and the love interests don't really click well with me. D&D waters down the love interests to mere copies of one another, which is a huge shame because I love all four of them. It also doesn't help that Duke Richards is notoriously ubiquitous and over-the-top while providing little substance. It's a shame because both books are meant to be my guilty pleasures. Not to mention …

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  • BigLenny

    Oh, how fortunate that the people groveling in Her Divinity's presence are her ever-loyal minions companions. The sight of Hana Lee, Maxwell Beaumont, Bertrand Beaumont, and Drake Walker always lightens the divine couple's hearts. The only one that was missing is the venerable Olivia Vanderwall Nevrakis, who was understandably redeeming Lythikos to its former honorable glory. Nevertheless, things must continue.

    Speaking of things, it was blessed news that Her Divinity and His Majesty's honeymoon has been prolonged. After all, the more confidantes are present alongside them, the better. And how dare that bright light shone again! Who dare defile the presence of Her Divinity as she was making merry with her close companions? She deserved uninte…

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  • Davi Jaye


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  • Davi Jaye


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  • I Am MonkeyBoy


    July 2, 2019 by I Am MonkeyBoy

    This is the Wrigley's Doublemint logo right? If so, they done cheated me in this logo game. It doesn't even seem to have enough letters. This is bull!

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  • Davi Jaye


    July 1, 2019 by Davi Jaye


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  • I Am MonkeyBoy

    Question 3

    July 1, 2019 by I Am MonkeyBoy

    Here it is: If you were in a cartoon, what role do you think you would have? Meaning do you you think you would be the protagonist  (Main Character), deuteragonist (2nd most important character), tritagonist (3rd most important character), or the antagonist (villain)? Also, what would your personality be?    

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  • Davi Jaye
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  • Davi Jaye

    • Open Heart

    • It Lives Beneath
    • Endless Summer WINNER 🏆
    • High School Story
    • America’s Most Eligible
    • A Courtesan of Rome
    • The Crown & The Flame
    • Big Sky Country


    • Endless Summer (MC)
    • Across The Void (MC)
    • Dom (The Crown and the Flame)
    • Veil of Secrets MC
    • Open Heart MC
    • Dave Reyes (Most Wanted)
    • 'The Elementalists MC 'WINNER 🏆
    • Big Sky Country (MC)


    • 'A Courtesan of Rome MC 'WINNER 🏆
    • Bloodbound MC
    • Kenna Rys (The Crown & The Flame)
    • America's Most Eligible MC
    • Nightbound MC
    • Platinum MC
    • Ride or Die MC

    • Luther Nevrakis (The Crown & The Flame)
    • Raife Highmore (The Elementialists, Book 1)
    • 'Everett Rourke (Endless Summer) 'WINNER 🏆
    • Kane (The Elementialists, Book 2)
    • Silas Prescott (Hero, Book 1)
    • Tristan "Duke" Richards (Desire & Decorum)
    • Rowan West (…

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  • Circy

    Editing Crash Course

    June 27, 2019 by Circy

    So I got a lot of help lately for learning to edit and while I still have a lot (I mean A LOT) to learn, I still want to make a blog for the things I allready did learn from others. So that I can look it up for future reference in one spot instead of trying to remember who said what and where to me. (this sentence on it's own is allready confusing, so you get what I mean) I am really grateful for all your help and patience :) And if anyone have things to add, then please: I want to learn it all. And if anyone like me wants to learn how to do things, then I hope this will be useful for you as well

    Making links for characters on the Wiki:

    Misc page:

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  • Davi Jaye

    I've noticed Sunkissed wasn't yet added to the Recent Releases page. How do you add a new Choices title, i.e. Sunkissed, that has 2 new chapters?  Do you put both chapters in or just the latest chapter of that book?  


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  • General Khor

    1 year on Choices

    June 25, 2019 by General Khor

    Thursday, Jun 20, which also happens to be my 21st birthday, marks one year since I started tuning in to the Choices Channel. Actually, I tried Choices in December 2017, but at that time there are no other ways to earrn diamonds (I just don't want to spend real money), so after completing TC&TF and ILITW, I deleted the app. Then, on my birthday last year, I installed Choices again, and when I discovered you can watch ads for diamonds after playing each chapter, I was stoked, and so I officially joined the Choices community. As for this wiki, I found it in September last year, so I've been here for nine months already.

    At that time I (officially) started playing, ES and HSS were already completed not long ago, TRR was on its 3rd season, RCD …

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  • BigLenny

    As I've said in the discussions, I'm not writing reviews on The Royal Heir. Instead, I'm chronicling it as some sort of annals per chapter.

    Who is this unexpected visitor groveling in the presence of Her Divinity as she and King Leonard ended their honeymoon? And what was this surprise the King was talking about?

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  • Jadelady

    Following SapphosDaughter's blog post: , while Fearless Diva works on the "Not-Meant-To-Be" category/page for quasi love interests, we threw around the idea of creating a category for secondary character love interests and came up with "Playing Cupid" since most of the time, we need to "encourage" (usually with diamonds) the characters to get together. We are not including books/series with mulitple-POVs or dual-POVs (like RoE, AtV, TC&TF, LH). I think the only exception to that is ACoR because instead of playing as all family members, we only played as MC, Mom, and Dad and we had to recruit MC's brother (for diamonds) in the end.

    My main questio…

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  • StoryGirl83

    Hi, everyone. We've had a pretty tempestuous few days here. Someone has been trying to cause trouble for this wikia and unlike other times when someone has done this, they have been sneakier about it. If you've been here long enough you will likely remember a user that started making a bunch of changes to the wikia more than a year ago. This user made a lot of us uncomfortable and I know I was ready to quit editing entirely. I wasn't going to leave the wikia, but I was going to stick entirely to the comment sections and leave the editing to others. This user just wanted to make things so different from what we were doing. He asked on multiple occasions to be made an admin, all the while subtly trying to undermine the authority of Wolf and …

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  • Circy

    In Book 2 Aster is doing some more branching. If you like, you can help me, if you think I missed something.

    Chapter 1

    Someone's coming...” This is where the whole of Penn's square turns into a chaos because of an unexpected storm.

    MC, the trees say he'll arrive in a moment.” This is just before Kane appears on the square.

    Chapter 5

    This is a really small branching she did. They were looking for Greygarden to see if he had some more information about Gemma.

    Chapter 9:

    She uses her branching here apparently for making a shield from the wooden tables in the teahouse. I didn't know before she could do that. Maybe she is learning to use her branching in new ways, or maybe this was a possibility all along.

    Chapter 12:

    At the end of chapter 12, Aster is …

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  • Circy

    I think Aster's branching is a very interesting thing in The Elementalists, so in this blog I try to sum up all her branching out and what I thought about it at the time the chapters were released. And see if I recognize the meaning of it, now that the book is finished.

    Chapter 1


    This was the first time she did it. I still don't know exactly what this was about. I think, maybe, the trees could allready feel what MC didn't know yet: That he/she is a Sun-Att. I thought it was very creepy seeing it the first time. Making her face all dark and eyes all black.

    Chapter 5

    “It's just that there's been a bit of unrest among the woodnymphs, and sometimes I can... Sense... (neutral) Whispers among the trees. Unpleasant tidings that I don't und…

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  • KianisKoolFx

    Hey Everyone! Name's Kian, I've been kinda hooked on choices for a few months now and was interested in setting up a discord server for the commmunity. Now that it's all set up (and I got approval to share it) I'm happy to announce you can join the Choices: Stories You Play Unofficial Community Discord here!  It is still very much in it's infantry and needs a lot of additional information (like, ya know, rules) and I've already added discussion tabs for the most recently updated games, however it wouldn't be too hard to always add more chat rooms for more games if requested. I sincerely hope you all enjoy your time there! If anyone has any questions please let me know, I'd be happy to help. Thanks!


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  • Julianatsuko


    June 14, 2019 by Julianatsuko

    okay, this is kind of a stupid theory, but could nikhil from bloodbound 2 be related to dr banerji from open heart? i mean they kind of look similar, and banderjee (nikhil's last name) sounds a bit like banerji but who knows i could be overthinking it lol.

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  • StoryGirl83

    I have been trying to write up a preliminary guide for walkthroughs in order to start a discussion on the topic for over a year. As if has been over a year and I not only don't have such a preliminary guide, but I have actually lost the progress on it I did make (it's out there somewhere, I just don't know where), I am writing this instead in order to start that discussion on a blog post.

    Whether you help write them or not, you have probably used them to help you get through a chapter and most likely far more than that. You likely have some opinion on things involving them and this is the place to discuss them.

    There are some things that are most likely easy to agree on, such as the use of asterisks to list the different options for choices.…

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  • Mymoonandstars

    Checklist for diamond options,I just did TE for now. I hope it’s useful for anyone! I may do more if it is.

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  • Grayble

    Discord Chat

    May 31, 2019 by Grayble

    is there a discord chat for fans of the game? would anyone join one if I made it?

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  • Dabar,oposumibogomoljka


    May 31, 2019 by Dabar,oposumibogomoljka

    I literally only wrote this to get a badge. :)

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  • Circy

    So I wrote down the whole cardreading scene in chapter 3 of Nightbound, because I think theorizing about those things is always very interesting. It is also a lot of information in here. Who wants to do some theorycrafting with me? All this down here are no facts. Just only what I think is going on in the story. :)

    First reading:

    The world, reversed means things aren't what they seem, especially MC.

    The moon, upright means deep intuition left untapped. The source is unclear, but it is there.

    He obviously talks about MC having yet unknown powers even if we always thought we were human and we don't know yet where we get them from. Probably from our father, since our mother is 'an accountant in Wyoming'. UPDATE: as of chapter 11 we now know we are…

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  • DisturbedDeaddMan

    Good day to everyone

    I hope you had a wonderful week. I asked Diva for permission and I got it. I am making this blog to discuss the possibility of adding Choices' TVTropes to the wiki and some of the facts and trivia points there to book pages or its own page.

    This addition will benefit WIKIA. It will allow people to get a glimpse into the thought process behind some book, the sources that the authors used as inspirations for some books and some fun facts related to tropes and cliches used throughout the Choices app.

    This addition can be either added as a page/section of its own or we can take some facts and trivia points and add them to the associated book. Both seem like a good approach and a useful one. 

    Here is some of the related materia…

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  • TheEmpressOfDeath

    Hello! What is your favorite of books, scenes, characters or love interests? I take this space to talk about what we like about Choices, what we appreciate or enjoy of their work.

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  • Sidfurry153

    So I decided to do something that I haven't done before when I installed Choices: replay a book. I decided to replay The Crown & The Flame, Book 1 because I want that bear to be a part of my army. I NEED it. Oh, and also to get the weapons, new clothing, yadda yadda.

    But since those choices I'm collecting still require diamonds, I'm really taking my time with this by doing chapters from The Heist: Monaco, Desire & Decorum, Book 2, A Courtesan of Rome, Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance, Book 1, etc. Since, I'm an impatient person by trade, this will be a teaching yet boring experience.

    By the way, when I completed The Heist: Monaco, I found that if you don't have enough diamonds for some choices, you actually WON'T build trust, which is just STUPI…

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  • Safira Grey 4

    Book themes

    May 24, 2019 by Safira Grey 4

    If you could choose a new book theme, which one would it be? For example: Sport, Action and more...

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  • Vkalvkal

    I've been meaning to do this for a while and I finally got some time to do it.

    My intent is to just show how I feel about each book released until this date, without going into further details about the reasons for feeling a certain way about each book (which would take a lot of time).

    I'm basically going to point out in which category each book falls into. This categories are: hate - dislike - neutral - like - love.

    PS: I'm not going to rank The Freshman Specials books.

    PPS: I'm following the series here. So, they are in random order on my lists.

    So, here we go:

    Hate - The Freshman (books 2 and 3); The Sophomore (book 1); Rules of Engagement (books 1, 2 and 3); The Royal Romance (book 1); Red Carpet Diaries (book 2); America's Most Eligible: Al…

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