General Khor General Khor 9 hours ago

Why Foreign Affairs Failed

Hello and welcome to another review blog by General Khor, and today, we're going to talk about another great series that came to an abrupt end. That series, is of course, well... I'm not even sure if I want to call it by its official title, in fact I have a nickname for this series that better describes it.

So, Foreign Affairs, hyped as one of the best books of 2020 (even though it came out at the literal end of the year), is supposed to be a great political drama, and at first glance, it sounds really exciting, and fans have really great hopes for a second book to be made. However, before the release of the finale, PB confirmed that the series would end with just that one book. When the news came out, needless to say, many fans were furiou…

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Superherofanatic1999 Superherofanatic1999 1 day ago

Don't mind me. Just hoping Ethan and Harper go through a lot of hardships in later chapters

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Jadelady Jadelady 29 days ago

Release Dates

Other players/editors have compiled data of the release dates and end dates of all Choices stories. This blog is a table timeline of the dates, not to be confused with the fictional chronological order of how the stories fit with each other.

There are some discrepancies on the dates which are noted at the end. I have been a player since Choices debuted but I did not work on the wiki nor paid attention to the dates since its inception, so I'm unsure if the dates are wrong or if there were hiatuses or holiday week(s) taken that are not noted on the books' pages or did books start on one day of the week and then shift to another day of the week for their releases?

Thanks to CoolQuantumcyJoker for providing links for old Tweets for the earlier d…

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Booksloveraz Booksloveraz 13 February


Is The Royal Romance best series by Pixelberry...Yes and here's why. The writing is the best I've seen so far by them not that the other stories are bad at all. Just that you can see they put i lot of love into Royal Romance with how deep the characters are with backstories that could have their own books like Olivia nevrakis. Maybe even Liam’s mother. I have loved playing thought the stories and watching the love grow with the characters and it seems like they all have ark. Maxwell, Hanna, Drake. I just think this is the best book by Pixelberry so far.

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ChoicesxDidi ChoicesxDidi 23 February



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Jacked Maverick Jacked Maverick 23 January

My Thoughts on the Seven Cancelled Franchises

The following contains spoilers for the endings of Hero, Vol. 1, Most Wanted, Book 1, It Lives In The Woods, and It Lives Beneath. But since they have been cancelled, does it really matter?

Okay… I was not expecting to make this blog post. Not because of the topic, but because my previous blog post seemed pretty final. ( Like a goodbye to making essays and being active on the wiki. But with this new dropping… it’s too big to not comment on. I wanted to keep my personal feelings out of this rant, but with how devastating this news is, I’ve struggled. I’m not bitter or anything. Remember that.

I didn’t plan this blog post, nor do I thi…

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General Khor General Khor 23 January

Most Wanted, Hero and Woody's Roundup

Hello everyone, this is General Khor. So, this blog post is going to be a special one, because the Choices community has just received some really devastating news: some of our most beloved series are officially scrapped. Now, I know what you're thinking, you probably can't bear to read what I'm about to talk about in this blog, but today's topic concerns the future of Choices, so please bear with me, ok?

  • 1 The Most Terrible News
  • 2 PB's Explanation
  • 3 My Opinions
  • 4 What This Means for Choices
  • 5 Conclusion

So, on 22/23 January 2021, PB released a blogpost with news about several past series, and among the revelations include the confirmation of Nightbound and Distant Shores as standalones, as well as The Elementalists and It Lives ending at 2 books. No…

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Jacked Maverick Jacked Maverick 12 January

How Right Were My 2020 Predictions

Hello, Berrypickers! It’s been a long time since I’ve made a blog post. In case you didn’t know, I gave up on Choices after Blades of Light & Shadow. But I figured I should make a blog post to honor my 2020 predictions.

And… yeah. 2020 proved me wrong. I thought 2019 was going to be the worst year. But now… I don’t know if it’s the pandemic or just their natural evolution. I’m leaning more towards the latter.

  • 1 Incorrect
  • 2 Stuff That Somewhat Came True
  • 3 Correct
    • 3.1 Queen B
  • 4 Numbering
  • 5 Conclusion

Let’s start off with the things I was wrong about.

  • Open Heart was not a duology. Instead, it will receive a trilogy. I am happy, even though I don’t play an…

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Jadelady Jadelady 12 January

Choices Universe

Other players/editors have compiled data of how the stories are related and share a common universe. This blog isn't a timeline of the stories and won't add every bit of data from the stories (that would be difficult to do using tables and codes), but gives at least one common person or subject that ties it together.

In Progress...

Place Seen/Mentioned:
Ties to:
Ties to:
The Royal Romance
The Royal Heir
Ana De Luca
Most Wanted
Hayley Rose
My Two First Loves

Ryan Summers
Red Carpet Diaries
The Crown and the Flame

High School Story
and Class Act
Big Sky Country
Grantmore University
With Every Heartbeat
Open Heart
Emerald Phan
Foreign Affairs

Rules of Engagement

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Lanre12 Lanre12 6 January

Platinum Book 2

Platinum Book 2!!!!

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BigLenny BigLenny 4 January

My Predictions for 2021

After seeing my predictions for last year, I realize that I got almost all of them wrong. I guess I’m too optimistic. Oh well. For this year’s predictions, I don't have high expectations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ongoing stories

  • My Two First Loves will be a standalone that ends with the MC and her LIs graduating. After all, a pre-release blog post said that it will span their entire senior year. I think it will have about 120 chapters.
  • Foreign Affairs will have a predominantly positive reception by the end of the book, though whether it will have a second book is unknown. If it does, it will be released next year.
  • Baby Bump will end at Book 2. After all, the previous book’s bonus scene shows the MC in labor, and the cover for this book sho…
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VelvetKookie VelvetKookie 2 January

HSS MC Backstory

Hey guys, I'm Velvet. This is my first post here. So I've been playing HSS for quite a while (way more if you include the OG Game). I know as far for backstory, the MC's parents are divorced, but I'm kinda curious about different possible backstories. Have you guys made other backstories for your MC

Mine is done below. (My MC's name is Crystal Rexha)

Crystal was born in London, England, to Scott and Mila Rexha. A few days after she was born, her mother died from brain cancer. Since then, Scott was left alone to raise his daughter.

Crystal later went on to attend dance school alongside with her regular elementary school. However, she quitted dance school when she was 12 to be more involved in her secondary college's school band. She first chos…

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General Khor General Khor 31 December 2020

2020 In Review

Hello and welcome to another semi-annual review blog by General Khor. With 2020 coming to an end, it's time to leave our disappointments of the year behind and hope for an exciting 2021. As usual, I'll be discussing the state of Choices as of now, and of course, giving book reviews, so without further ado, let's begin.

  • 1 Choices as of Now
    • 1.1 Sidenote
  • 2 Reviews for 2020 2nd Half
    • 2.1 Distant Shores
    • 2.2 Hot Couture
  • 3 Conclusion

So as of now, the poorly rated Baby Bump series is on its 2nd season, and I've seen some reviews saying there's some improvement, with more exciting events happening and all, but I'll wait until the series is over to give my official review. Also, Distant Shores turned out to be a solo book, and I think I know the reason it's not…

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Jadelady Jadelady 27 December 2020

Cordonia's Houses

This is totally a THEORY page because there are a lot of holes and I don't remember if the writers stated anything extra on blogs or tweets. Granted, I don't remember a lot about The Crown and The Flame series, but this is me trying to piece everything together from The Crown and The Flame series to The Royal Masquerade to Rules of Engagement / The Royal Romance and The Royal Heir series.

  • 1 What We Know
    • 1.1 The Crown and The Flame
    • 1.2 The Royal Masquerade
    • 1.3 The Royal Series
  • 2 Theory
    • 2.1 Ramsford
    • 2.2 Vescovi
    • 2.3 Fierro
    • 2.4 Aster/Everhart/Rosario
  • 3 Cordonia Duchies

The Five Kingdoms are Abanthus, Bellmere, Ebrimel, Fydoria, and Stormholt.

The Great Noble Houses are Nevrakis, Beaumont, Fierro, Vescovi, and newest Aster/Everhart/Rosario.

Stormholt region still exists, as do the f…

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DesentIntoMadness DesentIntoMadness 24 December 2020

Best/Worst Diamond Choices

What's the best diamond choice you've ever made? Additionally, what's the worst diamond choice you've ever made?

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DesentIntoMadness DesentIntoMadness 24 December 2020

Hardest Choice

What is the hardest choice you've ever had to make in any book? For me, it was during The Freshman: Book 2, where the MC had to decide whether or not to tell James about Professor Vasquez's condition.

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General Khor General Khor 19 December 2020

Let's talk about: Big Bads

Hello and welcome to another discussion blog by General Khor, and today, we'll be talking about those much hated characters known as Big Bads. For those who are new to this wiki and don't know what I'm talking about, you might be thinking, am I talking about the Big Bad Wolf? Well, here's the definition for today's topic:

"Big Bads are the main antagonists in a book or an entire series. In most cases, they could be considered the nemesis of the protagonist."

So yeah, they're those characters whose deaths or imprisonment for life mark the series' happy ending. They're like the enemy commander in a war game, whom you have to kill in order to win a battle.

There are many instances where we think someone is the big bad, but little do we realise t…

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General Khor General Khor 13 December 2020

Let's talk about: Favourite Love Interests

Hello everyone, this is General Khor, or as some of you may know me as, one of the wiki's resident book critics and conspiracy theorists. Welcome to my first discussion blog, and today, I'll be talking about the most popular love interests by series.

So I started some polls to find out which love interests are the most popular in each series after I found out that some LIs are more favoured by Youtube players than others, and those LIs tend to be the first LI we meet or those featured on book covers, so the question that immediately hit my mind was: why? Why do people prefer these LIs over others?

Since it's been a month since I started those polls, it's time to reveal the results, and just as I thought, for most series, whichever LI we firs…

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Jadelady Jadelady 12 December 2020

AME elimination tables

I love tables but am not fond on all the coding required. This is my attempt at coding and reworking the AME tables (for summaries and/or eliminations) and may possibly be moved to the actual book page(s) in the future.

Work in progress!

(1) Challenge Winner
(2) Challenge Winner (determinant)
(3) Bottom Two
(4) Bottom Two (determinant)
(5) Eliminated (determinant)
(6) Eliminated (regardless)
(7) Immunity
(8) Audience Vote Perk

Weeks (Episodes)
Obstacle Course
Your Character
Win or
Cash Tokens
Ivy Fisher
Handsome Stranger

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Darpan Negi Darpan Negi 11 November 2020

Most wanted Book 2

Guys this is not a walk through its just for telling that it is possible that choices may launch Most wanted Book 2 in February 2021or sometime near it .

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Meow86 Meow86 7 November 2020


I want more criminal main character. Maybe mafia or hitman.

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GhostMirror GhostMirror 31 October 2020

First Blog Post

Well, I'm not really sure what to write about because I have a thousand thoughts on Choices stories & PB and no time to articulate them, heh :D

I've been replaying Books recently and I kind of want to sit down and write my thoughts about them... but I've also started University this year and my school work keeps me occupied.

Okay, I think this is it for now. I might make more blog posts, I might not. We shall see!

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Great Artuin Great Artuin 28 October 2020

Witness A Review Part 3

Why witness ultimately fails as a novel if not entertainment

The title of this section may seem confusing but I can’t really think what else to call it look I’m running under a tight schedule here I have school I’m doing this when I kinda have an opportunity which is usually at like midnight at the weekend anywho.

But back to business what I mean by the title of this section is going to provide a slightly more in depth analysis at certain parts of the book that fail as a work or alternatively make the reading experience worse but eventually come down on one side or another if it actually is terrible.   

The MC and the bad writing that surrounds her

This MC is the actual worst MC to be in a choices book. The Freshman MC may be a nosy irritating…

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Sannith Sannith 15 October 2020

My Opinion on The Nanny Affair's Chapters

Since I've replayed the book quite a lot of times I decided to give my opinion on all of the chapters. Feel free to share your opinion as well!

  • 1 Chapter 1:
  • 2 Chapter 2:
  • 3 Chapter 3:
  • 4 Chapter 4:
  • 5 Chapter 5 - 6:
  • 6 Chapter 7:
  • 7 Chapter 8:
  • 8 Chapter 9:
  • 9 Chapter 10:
  • 10 Chapter 11:
  • 11 Chapter 12:
  • 12 Chapter 13:
  • 13 Chapter 14:
  • 14 Chapter 15:
  • 15 Chapter 16:
  • 16 Chapter 17:
  • 17 Chapter 18:
  • 18 Chapter 19:
  • 19 Chapter 20:

Every time I reset the book I get giddy with excitement 😄 The artwork of Sam is majestic!

This chapter doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I get Sam's rules but when the fight happens and Sam tells the MC(Anna) that she can call her at any time Emma should've told her that her phone died. 

This chapter is amazing, well, except for the last scene of course. But a whole chap…

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CrystalDarklight CrystalDarklight 5 October 2020

CrystalDarklight's Edits

This blog will have the edits I made of the books and characters of the universe of Choices. 


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Great Artuin Great Artuin 26 September 2020

Witness A Review Part 2

Preamble As you will know if you read my previous post this is the part two of my witness review covering chapters 15-28 again this is for entertainment and critical purposes only with that being said enjoy witness review part 2 Please comment if you enjoyed it lol only if you want to.

Chapter 15

And we begin the new volume do I regret doing this I get a certain masochistic pleasure from reading this god-awful book, so no. Karen arrives in Ireland  2 years after the trial with the Cassian they are celebrating their two year anniversary we get pointless fluff and a diamond choice for an outfit and we’re in Galway and Ireland has good weather yet more proof of a lack of research we get a weird scene involving scones which for some reason turns…

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Ethanbabe2005 Ethanbabe2005 22 September 2020

What happens when you play with a trash can ??

Hi guys.... I am sorry that I am starting with a really boring book but no joke I think that WT ( wishful thinking)is a total trash can and playing it feels like sitting in a trash can and enjoying watching a movie with garbage all around honestly there is nothing else remaining to say about it but sometimes it rains and sometimes it is sunshine , well in Mumbai, India it is raining so it was a clear indication that nothing is gonna be interesting today in choices,well right now I am on chapter 12 of wishful thinking where Ellen who was the senior reporter of northbridge news and now is fired from her position (because of me)  and her position is given to basically she is pissed at me but at night hours she shows up at…

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Great Artuin Great Artuin 19 September 2020

Witness A Review

Preamble-The folowing text and indeed the fullness of this review is the result of almost 3 months of work at the time of writing these words now before I begin part 1 the reason for this review being in parts has previously been explained but I feel like I must credit someone who does not apear in this part or indeed untill the final part it is ShizzyBoom268 whose diamond breakdown I will be using to analyse one of the ultimate reasons why this book failed the exorbitant amount of diamonds required in manny chapters thank you so much for letting me use your breakdown Shizzy you're awesome. 

Now some disclaimers

1. I do not hate the writers of this book 

2. I do not mean for this review to be an attack on people who like witness I hope that th…

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Jadelady Jadelady 16 September 2020

Shared Trivia Points

This is a test to see what I can combine from character pages as some trivia sections seem to be growing exponentially.

Trivia Points

(1) Customizable First Name, Preset Last Name
(2) Customizable Full Name
(3) No Last Name
(4) Adopted
(5) Gender Customizable
(6) Female Only

Trivia Point
Trivia Point
Trivia Point
A Courtesan of Rome
3. Yes
6. Yes

A Very Scandalous Proposal
2. Yes
6. Yes

Across the Void
1. Yes
5. Yes

America's Most Eligible
2. Yes
5. Yes

Baby Bump
2. Yes
6. Yes

Bachelorette Party
2. Yes
6. Yes

Big Sky Country
2. Yes
5. Yes

Blades of Light and Shadow
3. Yes (non-Elf)
5. Yes

3. Yes
6. Yes

Desire & Decorum
2. Yes
6. Yes

Distant Shores
2. Yes

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General Khor General Khor 8 September 2020

Update: My Plans for the Future

Hello everyone, this is General Khor. Ok, so this blog is going to be different from the previous blogs, because this is an update blog, there won't be any reviews. I just want to share some news with you in this blog. 

So, if you've seen my user page, you'll know that I mainly play Choices for the special features in those stories I've read, including collectibles and score systems. You'll also find a list of goals and milestones, and so you'll know that I've completed the last of my Choices goals for now. If you ask me, do I read for the romance? The answer is, I do, it's just not my top priority. To think I completed that last goal exactly two years since I joined this wiki, well, I've come a long way indeed.

So what does this mean for me…

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Chithra87 Chithra87 26 August 2020

Whom did you choose in Desire and Decorum?

Who was your choice among the following in Desire and Decorum? 1. Mr. Sinclair 2. Prince Hamid 3. Sir. Luke Harper 4. Miss. Parson

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Thebedazzleddementor Thebedazzleddementor 15 August 2020

Barrington House Location Test

Barrington House is the estate of the Duke and Duchess of Wessex and one of the primary settings of A Very Scandalous Proposal.

  • 1 History and Location
  • 2 Facilities and Grounds
    • 2.1 Barrington House
    • 2.2 Barrington House Grounds
    • 2.3 Barrington Village
  • 3 Gallery
    • 3.1 Exterior
    • 3.2 References

The Montjoys were elevated from barons/baronesses to dukes/duchesses in 1850, as a result of a private favor to Prince Albert. In the Montjoy family, the estate is traditionally passed on to the next heir on his or her thirtieth birthday, which is celebrated with a formal debut. It is this debut that serves as the important deadline for much of the plot, as Simon/Ava tries to convince his/her grandmother and grandfather that they should leave the estate to him/her rather than…

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Zack Rourke Zack Rourke 4 August 2020



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Jadelady Jadelady 30 July 2020

Discussions Moderator Applications

This is in conjunction with this post placed in our Discussions forum.

Hi everyone! There are hundreds of comments on this wiki daily, so we, the Admin team, think we need a few extra hands to read them and make sure all of them follow the guidelines. That's why we're looking for new Discussions Moderators.
So you might be asking yourself: "What does a Discussions Moderator do?" Essentially, they read all the comments posted here and make sure they all follow the guidelines and Choices: Stories You Play Wiki:Policies. If there are any conflicts they will intervene and stop further arguments. There's more detailed information about what they can do here.
Now, what are the req…

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Franco Masuoka Franco Masuoka 30 July 2020

Greeting Cards

Characters greeting cards.

  • 1 Happy Birthday cards
  • 2 Stay at Home cards
  • 3 Welcome
  • 4 Welcome Back cards

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Thebedazzleddementor Thebedazzleddementor 29 July 2020

Windcroft Manor Location Test

  • 1 This is a mock-up of the proposed page on Windcroft Manor. Feedback is welcome at this time.
  • 2 History and Location
  • 3 Facilities and Grounds
    • 3.1 Windcroft Manor
    • 3.2 Windcroft Grounds
    • 3.3 Windcroft Village
  • 4 Gallery
    • 4.1 Exterior

Windcroft Manor is the estate of the Viscount and Viscountess of Ashbourne.

Windcroft Manor is located in England, not too far from London. The village of the same name is nearby. It is the traditional home of the Viscount and Viscountess of Ashbourne.

  • Great Hall
  • Study
  • Library
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining room
  • Secret passage and hidden room

  • Stables
  • Dower
  • Gardens
  • Hedge maze

  • Town square
  • Curio shop
  • Hugh Crawford's office
  • Gardens
  • Pub
  • Dance hall
  • Town inn

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Jacked Maverick Jacked Maverick 27 July 2020

Blades of Light & Shadow is a Miracle. (With Review)

The following contains spoilers for Blades of Light and Shadow, Book 1 and Endless Summer, Book 2.

This will completely blow your mind given the title of this essay, but I did not like Blades of Light & Shadow. I hated it, but I do not think it’s the death of Choices. Mostly because that’s a pretty low bar to set and books that aired before this already bear that title. Haha.

This is also not the essay I thought I would be writing five months ago (Like, the last week of Feburary 2020), when Blades of Light & Shadow was still going strong. If you know me, this is the book that finally made me delete the app. I wanted this essay to be different than the usual rant nature.

I wish this review was basically “After half a year of producing nothing …

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Franco Masuoka Franco Masuoka 20 July 2020

Graphic Incorrect Quotes

These are editions of my favorite quotes.

  • 1 America's Most Eligible
  • 2 Blades of Light and Shadow
  • 3 Bloodbound
  • 4 Endless Summer
  • 5 Most Wanted
  • 6 Open Heart
  • 7 Queen B
  • 8 The Elementalist
  • 9 The Freshman

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Thebedazzleddementor Thebedazzleddementor 16 July 2020

Cedar Cove Location Test

  • 1 This is a mockup of the proposed page on Cedar Cove. This page is in the early stages of drafting and no feedback is needed at this time
  • 2 Geography
  • 3 Appears In
  • 4 Mentioned In
  • 5 Related Locations
  • 6 Gallery
    • 6.1 Street and City Views
  • 7 Trivia
  • 8 References

  • Hearst High
  • The Mitchell Residence
  • Oliver M. Berry High
  • Payton Saunders' House

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8emi95 8emi95 23 June 2020

BB3 Walkthrough Sacrifice Update - Draft

This is just a draft for the walkthrough.

Choices that have no outcome on the side have not been explored yet. Please help this page by contributing those answers!

Depending on the choices you make in this book, Jax or Lily will die in Chapter 15, unless he/she is your closest LI. Their sacrifice is dependent on 22 choices. Five of these are free choices and appear in all paths, in three of them you will have to choose between the four love interests. The last two choices are crucial and can directly influence the outcome, this is detailed under said choices in Chapter 15. Choices made in previous books don't count (except for the one in Book 2 where you choose your closest LI).

  • 1 Chapter One: The Hunger Choices
  • 2 Chapter Two: The Unchained Choices
  • 3…

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General Khor General Khor 22 June 2020

High School Story: The Review Part 2: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hello and welcome to part 2 of my HSS review blog, and today I will talk about what fans like and don't like about the franchise. The reason I decided to split this review into two parts is because it's really long, and by the time I finished part 1, it's already very late. 

So, there are many significant differences between the two trilogies, and while overall, the original trilogy is better than Class Act, that doesn't mean there aren't any good points about CA, nor does it mean there aren't any not-so-good points about the originals. In this blog, I'll not only be listing what makes the original trilogy better than Class Act, but also what PB did better in CA than the originals. As for "the ugly", this part will highlight some key issues…

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Sidfurry153 Sidfurry153 22 June 2020

Characters That I Hate

So here are the characters that I hate; I do have reasons for them, but I'm too lazy to list them.

  • Robert
  • Raife Highmore
  • Tialo
  • Luther Nevrakis
  • Ex-Fiance
  • Brian Crandall
  • Piper

As more stories get released, I might be back to update this list; it really just depends on what happens.

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General Khor General Khor 21 June 2020

High School Story: The Review

Hello and welcome to another review blog by General Khor, and today, I want to talk about one of Choices' longest running franchaises, one full of excitement and laughs. Yes, I'm talking about High School Musi- wait, what am I talking about again? Oh right, it's High School Story, which as you know, has finally come to an end after two and a half years.

Initially, I decided I had no reason to play this franchise, the main reason I changed my mind is that I needed to stock up on diamonds to complete my goals for TC&TF and ES (right now I've just started another run of BB, and I guess I'll complete the portraits first, followed by ES goals and lastly TC&TF goals). In fact, this is also the reason I played BSC. Another reason I started these t…

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General Khor General Khor 20 June 2020

2nd Choiceversary Blog

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to the General... happy Choiceversary too!

That's right, another birthday, another Choiceversary. That means it's time for another review blog! Hello everyone, this is General Khor, and today, I bring you this blog about how Choices is doing as of the first half of 2020, as well as reviews for recently completed series. Well, series completed, that is. I meant to title the last review blog for 2019 "Reviews for series I completed last year", too bad I can't change the title of the blog once I publish it.

  • 1 Choices as of Now
    • 1.1 Bad Romance 
    • 1.2 Exciting... Actually, Electrifying Adventures
    • 1.3 In Other News...
  • 2 Reviews for Recently Completed Series
    • 2.1 The Royal Masquerade
    • 2.2 Save the Date
    • 2.3…

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Thebedazzleddementor Thebedazzleddementor 17 June 2020

OH and the Four Classical Temperaments


Hi! I had a lot of fun typing the LIs from Blades, so I decided to do another set. I settled on Open Heart, since it's another series where the love interests happen to neatly slot into the four types.

In case you're not familiar with the classical temperaments, it's an ancient personality system that roughly divides personalities on two criteria: extroversion vs. introversion and stable vs. reactive. It's not really psychology, just a basic framework for thinking about personality types. Another caveat is that I'm going to be focusing on "pure" temperaments—in other words, talking about each character as if they fit fully and completely in one category. Obviously, people (even fictional people) are more complicated than that, an…

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Thebedazzleddementor Thebedazzleddementor 15 June 2020

BoL&S and the Four Classical Temperaments

This was originally written as a forum post, but I wanted to save a copy here so that I don't lose it.


I'm doing a replay of Blades and I just realized how perfectly the LIs fit the four temperament model. Wanted to jot my thoughts down here for anyone else interested in personality theory.

If you're not familiar with the classical temperaments, it's a sort of pseudo-medical, pseudo-psychological theory of personality. It developed into a full-fledged school of thought among the ancient Greeks, who believed that human personality was influenced by "humors," or different types of bodily fluids/secretions. Which is definitely super gross, but there you go.

Later scholars expanded on these theories to create a set personality typolog…

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Jacked Maverick Jacked Maverick 12 June 2020

Why I Finally Decided To Delete Choices

The following contains spoilers for Endless Summer, Book 2 and the endings to both It Lives In The Woods and Blades of Light & Shadow.

Wednesday, June Third. Twenty-twenty.

The day Blades of Light & Shadow, Book 1’s final chapter aired… and also the day I finally deleted Choices: Stories You Play.

One thousand, three-hundred, and ninety-one (1,391) days with the app.

This blog post is just to express myself and thoughts.

I don’t even know where to begin here. I guess it would be best to start where things started getting dim for me.

2019 is considered by many to be Pixelberry’s worst year. With the onslaught of gender locked romance books and canceling fan-favorite series. None highlight the beginning of the end as much as Ride or Die: A Bad Boy…

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Jadelady Jadelady 24 May 2020


I actually had a similar mindset that Reddit user paradise_seeker |- |Book 1 |3200000 |5100000 |6100000 |1900000 |2200000 |- |Book 2 |780000 |990000 |680000 |690000 |790000 |- |Book 3 |330000 |340000 |290000 |240000 |290000 |- |Total |4310000 |6430000 |7070000 |2830000 |3280000 |- |Retention Rate (Bk1 to Bk2) |24% |19% |11% |36% |36% |- |Retention Rate (Bk1 to Bk3) |10% |7% |5% |13% |13% |}

These numbers do not surprise me. For me, "Red Carpet Diaries, Book 1" was better than Book 2 and Book 3. Book 2 threw in the "Me Too" movement but did not expand the drama more than a few chapters and wrapped it up in a tidy bow that realistically would not have happened. I understand players don't read the books to have 100% reality, but to me, when re…

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PinkMate22 PinkMate22 20 May 2020

Favourite RoE playable character

So I've been re-playing ROE and I was wondering who is your favourite, and least favourite main playable character and why? Out of the 4 siblings, so this is excluding Cousin, who I named Lisa btw.

My favourite main character is Party-Girl Sister, who I named Kelly. A reason why is because I felt that she actually grew by the end. I also realized that I like her scenes the best, they're usually light hearted fun, they're enjoyable and usually paced well, I enjoy all of the characters and it's nice to see her grow a sense of responsibility. I also feel that she has the most personality and the best love interests excluding MC's LI's, since Carter, Blake and Mira are all endearing to me. I just don't click with Audrey & Elena. I usually pair …

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Jacked Maverick Jacked Maverick 27 April 2020

Top Ten GOOD Things Pixelberry Did In 2019

Helloooo! I'm Jacked Maverick. Writing is my passion and I love making reviews!

You know, we hate on Choices a lot these days. To file another complaint against them is just beating a dead horse. But we often forget that this is a talented company that has brought us quality content! Today, instead of filing yet another negative blog, I want to do something different and focus on what positive things Pixelberry made from 2019 to present day. Why 2019? Because many see it as the worst year they’ve had.

I will try to keep any “personal” feelings out of this. So without further ado, here are ten GOOD things Pixelberry did in 2019 (up to today). Ranked from good, to great.

Our top spot goes to a decision people have been clamouring for since the …

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