Bethany, a character from the High School Story series, is a student at Hearst High. She temporarily moved to Berry High in Book 3. Her official first appearance is in Book 3, Chapter 2, though you can see her in Book 2, Chapter 8 if your character is in the basketball team.


Bethany has dirty blonde hair tied in a ponytail, blue eyes, and light skin. She wears a blue-gray button-up shirt with pockets on both sides.


Bethany is shown to be flirty, teasingly ask Julian whether he has been working out and if she can feel his biceps.

Unlike many of her schoolmates from Hearst High, she is friendly towards Berry High students, sitting with them during lunch and remaining on friendly terms with Ezra even though their respective schools are rivals. She even considers many of Ezra's friends to be her friends as well.

While many of her schoolmates are intimidated by Max and Kara, she is willing to defy them by accepting Ezra's promposal and supporting your character when the latter was accused of sabotaging tryouts.



She and Ezra were best friends in middle school. They meet up when she transfers to his school. In Book 3, Chapter 4, Ezra gives a promposal to Bethany and she says yes.


She finds Julian "cute" and openly flirts with him in the cafeteria in Book 3, Chapter 2. She is later disappointed when she hears that he has a thing for Autumn, but later moves on.

Your Character (Jordan Lee)

When she first meets your character, she quickly befriends them, saying that a friend of Ezra's is a friend of hers. Later, when your character is falsely accused of sabotaging tryouts, she doesn't believe in the rumors and hopes their name is cleared.

Other Looks


  • When she appeared in Book 2, Chapter 8, she was identified as Hearst #5.
  • In Book 3, if you win Prom King, she will win Prom Queen.