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Bellmere is the largest of the Five Kingdoms in The Crown & The Flame Series. It is currently ruled from Thorngate Castle by the Thorn Family or Kenna Rys, depending on Rowan Thorn's fate.

The Crown & The Flame

After Luther Nevrakis and his family seized control of the Five Kingdoms, Bellmere was given to Vassilios Nevrakis, his brother. Bellmere was liberated by Queen Kenna of Stormholt and her army.

Kenna can decide whether to return it to its rightful ruler, Rowan Thorn, or assign regency to Leon Stirling, her Crown Guardian and rule it in her name. Queen Kenna can also become Queen of Bellmere if the player decides not to save Rowan from drowning.

Bellmere is heavily forested, and is known for the Heart Oak, a rare wood that is as strong as iron but thrives only in Bellmere and requires several years to grow back. Thorngate Castle, the seat of power, is wrapped with thorns and predominantly utilizes archers as soldiers.

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