I'll do my best, but it can be difficult to stay focused when there are so many interesting tomes to read!
— Aurynn's enthusiasm for reading[1]

Aurynn Amanth, a character in The Crown & The Flame series, is the daughter of King Amanth Drammir of Fydoria and Tevan's twin sister. She is first seen in Book 3, Chapter 6.


Aurynn has brown eyes and long wavy brown hair which she styles in a ponytail. She wears a purple dress with gold trimmings, purple and gold earrings, a white flowery crown and gold-framed glasses


Aurynn is shown to be studious and shy. A scholar, she enjoys losing time reading books in the library. She is not used to socialization, as when she introduced herself without her title of Queen (should Tevan die in Book 1, Chapter 1) and when she apologized for seeming too enthusiastic with her behavior with Raydan and Val.

Aurynn is knowledgeable about Fydorian history and culture, helping Raydan interpret the story of Dominic Hunter's parents should he opt to read it. Despite her demure behavior, she still gets frustrated when things do not go her way, although her anger quickly subsides in face of embarrassment.


The Crown & The Flame

Book 3

  • Chapter 6: The Secrets of Fydoria
  • Chapter 7: The Betrayal
  • Chapter 17: The Fond Farewell


Tevan Drammir

Aurynn is Tevan's twin sister. She is not outgoing and charismatic like her twin brother. She highly respects him whether or not he's alive in the story. If Tevan is alive, she remains a princess but becomes his most trusted advisor. If he's dead, she becomes queen in his stead.

Raydan Lykel

It is implied that Aurynn has a crush on Raydan in Book 3, Chapter 6. In the last chapter of Book 3, she shyly invites Raydan to dance if Kenna does not choose him as her betrothed, hence hinting at a future possible romantic relationship between them.


  • If Tevan was not saved in Book 1, she will be referred to as "Queen Aurynn" in her character box and not as "Aurynn Amanth" as in the picture on this wiki page.


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