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Arthur Woods, a character in the Desire & Decorum series, is an under-butler and the head-footman at the Edgewater Estate. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Arthur has medium length black hair, blue eyes and light skin. He wears a black suit with a white shirt and white bow-tie.


As the under-butler, Mr. Woods is always calm, polite, and courteous. He knows what is expected of someone in his status as a servant to Edgewater and does nothing to ire his employers. He is loyal to the Earl and to Edgewater and keeps his interactions with the Countess professional.



As soon as he meets Miss Daly, he is charmed by her. If she chooses to tease or flirt with him, he blushes at her forwardness but tells you that he would never do anything to tarnish Miss Daly’s reputation. In Book 1, Chapter 14, you can choose to encourage their relationship. If you choose to scheme against the Countess, he says he doesn’t have Miss Daly’s pluckiness or craftiness but would gladly be her sidekick in mischief. He tells her that being around her makes him feel like a king, like every glance she gives him is worth the entirety of Edgewater.

Your Character

In Book 1, Chapter 8, you can choose to deliver letters with him and Briar in London. In Chapter 14, when you return to London, he tells you that Countess Henrietta has threatened to fire the staff if they allow you into the house. When he asked her whether Bishop Monroe had thrown out the earl’s most recent will, she flew into a rage and threatened to fire him. Nevertheless, he tells you the staff supports you over the Countess. You can choose to accept his and Briar’s offer to scheme against the Countess. Briar’s idea is to put fish paste in the Countess’ shoes while Mr. Wood’s idea is to double the salt in her dishes.

Other Looks


  • He learned sleight of hand from a performer at a county fair.