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Ana De Luca, a character in the Most Wanted and The Royal Romance series, is a preeminent fashion designer and a journalist for a magazine called "Trend". She is first seen in Most Wanted, Book 1, Chapter 10.


Ana has short, blonde hair which she wears in a bob. She wears a gray pinstriped shirt with a white collar, a black blazer, gold hoop earrings and red rimmed shades.


She is very fashion forward but at times she tends to become aggressive. However, she is very friendly with Cassandra. She appreciates when people are straight forward and to the point.


Most Wanted

Book 1

  • Chapter 10: LARA
  • Chapter 15: Arrivals and Departures (Determinant)

Rules of Engagement

Book 2

  • Chapter 11: Hearts Wild

Book 3

  • Chapter 10: Perfect Fit (Determinant)

The Royal Romance

Book 1

  • Chapter 5: Off to the Races
  • Chapter 9: Race to the Finish
  • Chapter 11: The Apple of His Eye
  • Chapter 12: As Sweet as Apple Pie
  • Chapter 17: Lady in Waiting

Book 2

  • Chapter 1: Homecoming
  • Chapter 3: Return to Applewood
  • Chapter 5: International Impressions (Determinant)
  • Chapter 6: Italian Nights
  • Chapter 7: Girl's Night Out
  • Chapter 17: Cordonia Bound
  • Chapter 18: Noble at Heart (Determinant)

Book 3

  • Chapter 2: Crown and Country
  • Chapter 6: Ember of Hope
  • Chapter 15: Light the Night
  • Chapter 17: Save the Date
  • Chapter 18: Bride to Be
  • Chapter 19: You Are Cordially Invited
  • Chapter 20: A Warm Reception
  • Chapter 21: Taken
  • Chapter 22: Happily Ever After

The Royal Holiday

  • Chapter 4: Holly Jolly

The Royal Heir

Book 1

  • Chapter 2: Last Night in Paradise (Mentioned)
  • Chapter 3: Your Kingdom Awaits
  • Chapter 14: The Announcement
  • Chapter 15: Apple in the Oven

Book 2

  • Chapter 3: Welcome to the World
  • Chapter 4: The Royal Tour
  • Chapter 5: Her Royal Highness (Determinant)
  • Chapter 6: To Catch a Traitor
  • Chapter 14: Battle Lines
  • Chapter 18: The Beginning of the End
  • Chapter 20: Freeze This Moment

Book 3

  • Chapter 1: Changes
  • Chapter 6: The Princess and the Plea
  • Chapter 10: A Fox in the Henhouse
  • Chapter 12: The Deciding Vote
  • Chapter 13: The Way Out
  • Chapter 15: The Enemy of My Enemy
  • Chapter 18: Crowning Glory

The Royal Finale

  • Chapter 15: To Wield the Sword
  • Chapter 17: Happier Ever After

Perfect Match

Book 2

  • Chapter 5: Game of Love (Determinant)
  • Chapter 12: Mirror, Mirror


Book 2

  • Chapter 10: The Plan (Mentioned; Determinant)

The Heist: Monaco

The Heist: Monaco

  • Chapter 14: Hope We Didn't Get Dressed Up For Nothing (Mentioned; Determinant)

Save the Date

Save the Date

  • Chapter 7: Deed I Do
  • Chapter 8: Down the Aisle

Hot Couture

Hot Couture

  • Chapter 9: Sabotage
  • Chapter 13: Bring Down the House


Cassandra Leigh

Cassandra is acquainted with Ana.

David Reyes

Dave is acquainted with Ana. She seems to be quite fond of him, and describes him as "my beloved David" when Cassandra and Sam stop by the boutique before the L.A.R.A. gala. She explains that the two of them have a "quid pro quo," but that they don't have as close of a relationship as Dave and Cassandra.

Stacy De Luca

Stacy De Luca is her twin sister.

Samantha Massey

At first, Ana treats Sam with scorn, describing her as a "down-home country mouse" and saying that Sam couldn't pull off wearing her designs. If you choose to buy one of her dresses, Ana takes a liking to Sam and asks her to become her muse. She apologizes to Sam and it's up to you to decide if Sam forgives her or not. If Sam forgives her, Ana will appear in Chapter 15 and shortly talk to Sam. If Sam doesn't forgive her or if you don't choose to buy one of her dresses, they will become rivals and Ana won't appear in Chapter 15.

Bertrand Beaumont

As one of the reporters following Cordonia's royalty, nobility, and politics, she has followed Bertrand Beaumont and House Beaumont's story for years. In The Royal Romance, Book 1, if Your Character (The Royal Romance) decides to talk to her with Maxwell Beaumont, you find out that she knows that House Beaumont is broke. She says that Bertrand made House Beaumont important and catapulted the family name into the spotlight. She wants to publish a piece about House Beaumont being broke, believing that the public needs to know the truth and that they love a "riches to rags" story even more than a "rags to riches" story. Whatever you and Maxwell decide to say, you both convince her to hold off on publishing the article.


Other Looks

Fashion Line


  • In The Royal Romance series, she says Kiara's mother, Joelle, is an old friend of hers.
  • She makes a cameo in Perfect Match, Book 2, Chapter 5, if you purchase the premium outfit and in Chapter 12, reporting about the controversy surrounding the AI Disclosure Act.
  • In Chapter 1 of Red Carpet Diaries, Book 2, it's revealed that she has a twin sister named Stacy De Luca. They are identical twins.
  • Her character model is also used in The Sophomore, Book 2, Chapter 13, and The Senior, Chapter 8, for Kerri Hinkle, a reporter covering the Battle of the Bands and interviewing Your Character on her writing career.
  • The name Ana is of Hebrew origin and means: Favor, grace, God has favored me with a child.
    • The surname De Luca is of Spanish origin and means "Of Lucca" (city in the Tuscany, one region of Italy). It's a variant of the Italian surname Di Lucca.
  • In The Heist: Monaco, the main character can wear an Ana de Luca original when attending Barrett Carlisle and Marguerite of Monaco's wedding. Since this character can be male or female, Ana must design both men's and women's clothing.
  • She may be a parody of Anna Wintour, given how she shares the same short haircut and sunglasses Wintour is known for, as well as how they are both editors-in-chief of fashion magazines (Trend and Vogue respectively).

Memorable Quotes

Ana [to Sam, at her goodbye party]: Don't speak to me.
Sam: Uh, okay--
Ana: Yes, of course I'm upset that you're leaving! You were to be my new muse. The Meurent to my Manet. But so be it. Off you go to Florida.
Sam: ...Texas?
Ana: No, thank you, I'm not hungry.