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Aaron, a character in The Sophomore and The Senior series, is a student at Hartfeld University and one of Zig's roommates. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 10.


Aaron has brown eyes, platinum blond hair and fair skin. He wears a cyan colored tank top.



Zig Ortega

Aaron was one of Zig's roommates until he moved out at the end of The Sophomore. At first, they rarely have contact when Zig struggles to fit in and mistakes Aaron to be fake for calling him "dude" and "my man" rightaway. After your interview with Zig, you get the chance to encourage Zig to get to know him a little better during a visit to a petting zoo.


Aaron got a pet hamster called Houdini for his eleventh birthday. His parents took care of it when Aaron left for college until they called Aaron during spring break to tell him that Houdini had died, and that it was actually Houdini the Fifth. Instead of telling him earlier when one Houdini died, they replaced it with another hamster. Heartbroken from the news, he tells Your Character in Chapter 2 of The Senior that he is unsure if he'd be able to go through that pain again. Depending on what you say to him, he either leaves the animal shelter without a hamster or adopts one. It is hinted at that he may end up naming the new hamster, Houdini the Sixth, which is confirmed in Chapter 5. He thanks your character because the hamster makes him "the happiest dude alive" and tells you that he is training him to solve little hamster mazes.


  • He likes pancakes.