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Welcome to the A Very Scandalous Proposal Theory Page. This is a place where you can discuss confirmed, debunked, and unconfirmed theories from the A Very Scandalous Proposal series.

Current & Unconfirmed Theories 

Confirmed Theories 

  • MC will find love: The summary of the book questions if the Main Character will find love on their journey and due to the title and romance based books PB has been making, many believe that this will turn into a romance journey book. This theory is confirmed in Chapter 16 as Simon/Ava Montjoy proposes to MC and all choices lead to MC accepting the proposal for real and not as a continuation of their "fake relationship".
  • General release: Players believe this book will be released sometime in March at the earliest (due to the expectation that there will be at least one new book for non-VIP players every month) and in the summer at the latest. On April 7, 2021, it is revealed the story will be released weekly starting from April 14, 2021 (thus taking the place of Foreign Affairs), however the general release has since been postponed to May 19, 2021 so this theory is still confirmed.
  • Gender-Locked: Due to the general plot of the book, the recent romance release trend, and the early access version having a female only protagonist, it is possible that this book will be gender-locked when it's finally available to all players. This is confirmed on May 19, 2021 when the book was released to all players.

Debunked Theories