AJ, a character in The Freshman and The Sophomore and The Senior series, is Chris's young sister. She is first seen in The Freshman, Book 4, Chapter 2.


AJ has blue eyes, long blonde hair, and a fair complexion. She wears a white T-shirt with a comic print and a black cap.


AJ mentioned that she was a fan of comic books and likes to act mature. She gets annoyed when Chris treats her like a little kid.



AJ is Chris's younger sister. She can be protective of him when it comes to girls, even if you're not dating Chris.

Your Character

She is uninterested in Your Character at first, but you have a chance to improve the relationship when you first meet her. If Chris is your LI in The Senior, she says she likes you better than Nicole, his ex-girlfriend from high school.


  • Her first name is revealed to be Alyson in The Sophomore, Book 2, Chapter 8.
  • Similar to Ben, she is really into comic books. She also likes computer games.
  • In The Freshman, Book 4, when Chris goes to introduce his sister as "my little sister, Jo--", it is revealed that she recently decided to go by AJ. Later on in The Sophomore, Book 2, it's revealed that she hasn't been called "Alyson" in years.
  • She appears in Chapter 5 of The Senior if Your Character is dating Chris.