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Which book are you most excited for? I'm happy about all but especially Nightbound, BB2, & Platinum!

  • Sunkissed. 🌞🏖️👙
  • Platinum. 🎤🎶🌟
  • Blood Bound 2. 🧛🏻‍♂️⚰️💉
  • Nightbound. 🖤🌘🐺
  • Wishful Thinking. 💭🐰🐒
  • The Royal Romance Spin-off. 🕌👰🏼🍼
  • Big Sky Country 2 or Red Carpet Diaries 3. 🏘️🚜👒 📸📺💋
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(open heart) omg I know Jackie is supposed to be my LI but I just really hate her?? anyone??

  • same
  • nah girl (convince me please i don't wanna hate her)
  • don't play the book
  • no opinion
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How many of you want Katrina Harrington to be a live interest?

  • She should be a li!!
  • I dont think so.
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Hey guys currently what is your favorite book hu?

  • Desire and Decorum 2
  • Open heart
  • Class act
  • Ride or Die
  • Ame all star
  • Passport to romance
  • The elementalist 2
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Which HSS is better??

  • Original HSS
  • HSS: Class Acts
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Done playing ch.2 ...kinda boring.the plot is not entirely clear and transparent..confused,whats my main role should be..maybe ...things will shape up later....but i m not felung that zeal to continue further!!
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I love Katrina Harrington SO much!She is funny,clever,cute,knowledgeable and well-known talented!When Beckett saw her,his reaction was really funny too!Lol.
And when a sister’s personality is very different from her brother,their relationship is being more interesting!Their conversation and emotional connection is quite likable.
I think she will be an important role in BK 2.
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Question for English majors (or linguists)

I've been watching D&D premium scene on YouTube (yeah, somehow I feel bad for skipping diamond scenes with Sinclaire, even though I dislike this series a lot), and there was a strange moment. When MC is moody and sad, Sinclaire says: "Penny for your thoughts?". This phrase seems very modern to me, I don't think people in 1816 used to say it (also it doesn't seem aristocratic and looked like an OOC moment for Sinclaire to me). Am I wrong? I'd really like to know the answer, I hope there are some people who know the history of English all too well :)

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Chapter review/theories March 18th-March 22nd 2019

Hey, guys. I couldn't do a review last week. I was on vacation with my family and I don't get to see them much.

Across the Void: A four and a half month hiatus...and this series *still* sucks! Somehow, the writers managed to make a terrorist attack boring. (Voice dripping with sarcasm) Hooray, a majority of the passengers and the annoying siblings are still alive. This was the perfect opportunity to get rid of them. Hell, I even tried to get Eos killed but the game wouldn't let me. Do the writers know that about 98% of the people who read this story hate the passengers and the siblings?

Game: Will you spend 18 diamonds to save Octan?

Me: No! Why would I spend 18 diamonds, enough for a clue or hook up, to save pointless character #20? He only had two or three lines!

God, this series sucks. If there's a book two, there's no way I'm playing it. Not even for the diamonds.

The Heist: Am I a little disappointed that there won't be another book? Yes. Am I happy that I unlocked an extremely satisfying ending? HELL YEAH! Knocking out Ansel with one punch was extremely satisfying. And I got to hoe around with both Sonia and Eris. Those are diamonds well spent. And I got the good ending so everyone got their happy ending. I really loved the Edisons' ending. I thought it was really nice that Niles called Anton by his codename even though everyone bashed it throughout the story. And leading an international organization of thieves is a really good resolution.

Class Act: Even though I hate Ajay, I still feel bad that his parents are divorcing. That's rough for anyone.

America's Most Eligible: This week's cliffhanger was...surprisingly dark. I honestly wasn't expecting Heath and Kiana's carts to crash like that. I took the option to talk to the producers and Carson to figure out what was going on because there was a lot of miscommunication/lack of communication between them. If the carts crashing was money's on Vince. Or Ivy/Slater depending on who you eliminated.

Passport to Romance: *Super boring*. I almost feel asleep. I haven't been that bored since the first two chapters of Desire and Decorum. I don't like my MC at all. First off, all the male designs are ugly. Second, they just seem really dull. There's nothing interesting about them. Speaking of dull, what is up with the love interests in this book? They all seem like bland, generic stereotypes. Elliot is the nice rich guy who just so happens to be British. Ahmed is the athlete. Marisa is the party girl. and Sumire is the introvert.

Nothing about them stands out either personality or appearance wise. They all just seem "meh". They honestly feel more like side characters than love interests. Hopefully this book picks up and becomes more interesting but I highly doubt it.

Open Heart: Quick question. Is Ramsey bipolar? First he was nice, but when I turned down the offer to be his guinea pig or vice versa, he went right back to being a dick. Or as I call him: "Dr. Jackass".

Me: Sorry, Dr. Ramsey. I have other stuff to do.

Ramsey: Fine. You don't have a functioning brain!

I hope that Sienna dumps Wayne, because he just really comes off like a condescending jerk and she deserves better. At least I got to sleep with Jackie.

I feel like Patient X is either someone else who is close to Ramsey or a really prominent member of the east coast, like a politician.

Ride or Die: Still hate these people. Especially Logan. Dude, you were already a scumbag like the rest of the MPC. But now you've crossed into mega scumbag territory. *You* steered the MC down a life of crime by having her owe you a favor. I knew from the beginning that Logan was a sack of (insert Atlas saying "shit" here). Can I just let the police handle the Brotherhood and haul the MPC off to jail? Please?

The Elementalists: Uh...can Katrina be a love interest? She's cute, funny, social etc. What's not to like? I decided I don't trust Kane. He's already proven to be antagonistic to the girl in the locket, he nearly destroyed Penn Square, and there's just something off about him. He literally sniffed the MC as a loud inhale. That's really weird. I take it that Atlas went into the mirror dimension to figure out why their and the MC's magick was acting weird.

I think it's pretty cool that our decisions influence our moral compass. I told Swan that I feel fine after Raife's death. I'm not gonna shed tears that a murderous psychopath is dead. And as someone who is part of a Choices fan group on facebook, I can tell that Atlas saying shit is gonna become a meme.

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Review of Open Heart and Ride or die

Ok honestly chapters of booth the book were good. In open heart it's  more or less about the house warming party. It was frustrating to see mc was 19 in the list and aurora the first. Seriously pb ? Then we had diamond scene with Ethan as always ( he is my li) . We also get to see siennas bf who is brad from choices. For fans of ejjah and sienna sorry they have met someone they like. Also mc was allowed to take Bryce or Jackie to bed. For ride or die:- it was a excellent chapter especially for fans of mona ( she is my li lol). It started  of with colt telling mc and others that they are going for yet another break (uhh...) it was same mc was celebrated and all. They they went to a party where they danced for sometime and well then mc has diamond option to dance with Logan colt or mona. We were FINALLY able to kiss mona . Honestly mona was on the big screen on this chapter and I appreciate that. Then finally Logan exposed his secret that he tricked mc
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Do you like the Desire and Decorum series? (I think it's a bit boring)

  • I love it!!
  • Meh, it's ok...
  • I haven't read it.
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Chapter Reviews: March 19-21, 2019

High School Story: Class Act Chapter 6:

Most of the trip to the aquarium is relaxing. There's no presidential election drama to worry about aside from Ajay learning that the twin's ahead in the polls. Definitely the break I needed from all that drama.

As much as I dislike Ajay, I feel bad for him that his parents are arguing to the point of getting a divorce. I just wish his story is executed properly and has a conclusion that makes sense. Same goes with Skye.

Across the Void Chapter 14:

Ah, back to Matara. Playing as my MC is fun in some ways, but these moments are few and far in between. And my happiness quickly vanished when I have to get back on the Atlas. Not to mention that having to pay diamonds to save a passenger's life is just stupid. On a morbid note, that's one less passenger to worry about.

Great, I have to play as Eos again. I still remember how petty and self-righteous he is, and I certainly am not pairing him with Lyra. She deserves someone better. At least there's no sign of Pax.

I didn't hesitate picking the option hoping that Barlow is a handsome fellow. That was actually pretty funny. With VEE and Sol on board, I hope most of the rest of the crew made it safe and sound. And since my MC's dating Sol, I hope they get to reconnect, and Sol gets to develop as a character. He has potential owing to his vast knowledge of the setting around him.

The Heist: Monaco Chapter 16:

Wow! This is a nice, sweet finale. Prove that a Choices story doesn't need romance as a main focus to be awesome. It was also nice and satisfying to take down Ansel and Carlise in order to prove who's boss. Reuniting with Sonia at Vegas was the cherry at the top. I owe her a premium scene once I can afford it.

As for the ending, I got an average one, but at least it's more satisfying to match the good endings of my recruits. I particularly enjoy those of Jones and Graves. Even the cameos from other books are fun to watch. Sure some of them are from books I'm not fond of, but at least they're done in a way that doesn't piss me off. It's fun to see Graves starring in a movie directed by Tommy Phelps. And yay for Alana! I miss her so much!

Overall, this story is great. I love the fact that I have to think in order to get favorable outcomes, allowing me to exercise my mind. The heist crew is also one of the strongest points, each of them having unique and distinct personalities, and their conversations together are fun to watch. I'm definitely replaying this with the crew members I didn't recruit in order to immerse myself again. I think this story works just as well with a second book, but with a new crew and a few recruits returning, kinda like America's Most Eligible has a new set contestants in All Stars. That would keep the story fresh and exciting while still preserve our choices on who we recruited.

Desire & Decorum Chapter 13:

I'm starting to miss Prince Hamid, whom my MC is engaged to. It doesn't help that the premium option to go with Ernest comes across as pointless, so I skipped that. Nevertheless, it always cheers me up to pick the snarky options with Duke Richards.

I picked the premium options to play as Briar and eavesdrop on the conspirators with Luke. Reaching the point where I have to pick Arthur Woods or Edmund Marlcaster got me thinking that it's. For the conspirators, I wish there's a way to play them against each other, and the pretending part to keep them unaware is a start. At least I got proof of how much of a hypocrite the duke is.

Bah, that snake Henrietta! Always looking after herself. I'm not super surprised she would get rid of MC. After all, it's a temporary "alliance" of convenience, and she practically does nothing to help with the investigation. This series's MC has suffered a lot, espececially because of Duke Richards, but I can't see her giving up because she strikes me as determined to be with who she loves no matter the situation in the end. In her case, I'd love to see people's reactions when she marries Prince Hamid. That's right, a prince.

Passport to Romance Chapters 1-2:

Eh, it's okay. I get that it's light-hearted, but there's not much to say because I don't get to see much of the love interests. At least they don't look super bad, though Elliot looks like he should lighten up. I also like that Marisa and Sumire are opposites in terms of personality, though it's a tad bit sterotypical. Still miffed that the male MC faces come from BSC. Why can't it be from VoS or AME?

I cringed at the thought of spending diamonds just to get extra views on the blog. Not to mention that I already have a bad feeling I have to pay diamonds just to add certain pictures of iconic landmarks to the vlog. Nevertheless, I'm more interested in the traveling for the vlog than the romance.

Anyway, let's see how this goes.

America's Most Eligible Chapter 10:

Ugh, Vince continues to get on my nerves for his unnecessarily rude behavior, and I'm glad Ivy's sick of him.

I'm curious of Ivy right now. I know she comes across as an underdeveloped villain back in Book 1, but I'm all down for understanding her character. Pity it costs diamonds, and after watching the scene on YouTube, I'm glad she reveals that she plans to run pageants if she won, and her desire to win no matter the cost makes more sense now. I think it's fun to see her choosing underhanded means to win and not letting her past bring her down.

As for All Stars' format, it's about time Jen and Omar are feeling the frustration with Carson's mishandling of things. I saw some screenshots, where Carson doesn't want to become like Piper, only to mess things up. If I were him, I'd take Jen and Omar's opinions into account and evaluate them. That would've allowed him to keep the show exciting for the audience and contestants. Either way, Jen and Omar should've been the showrunners instead of Carson.

The go-kart ride was a breeze for because I picked the premium option to pick the audience vote and train with Crash just because I wanted an advantage and continue roleplaying my MC as a flirt. Didn't expect things to go easily. Oh well.

Holy cow! That ending with Eden and Kiana was a curveball! I had a bad feeling they'll get eliminated soon, but having them in a go-kart accident that results in karts exploding? That was a drastic move! I just hope they'll be okay, but chances are that they won't, and I'm scared. The next chapter summary doesn't exactly relieve my worries either.

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Who would you choose?

  • Elliot
  • Ahmed
  • Marisa
  • Sumire
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Upcoming Books

Which book are you most excited for?
  • The Royal Romance Spin-off
  • Red Carpet Diaries, Book 3
  • Nightbound
  • Bloodbound, Book 2
  • Wishful Thinking
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What is your favorite ES Book?

  • Endless Summer, Book 1
  • Endless Summer, Book 2
  • Endless Summer, Book 3
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Heist Crew vs MPC fanfic that I wrote

Setting: A steel mill in Los Angeles. Detectives Wheeler and Shaw are suspended over a vat of molten metal. The MPC, minus the ROD MC are standing on a catwalk keeping an eye on the detectives. Mona, for some reason, is dressed as a Flag Girl.

Teppei: End of the line, Detectives. You should’ve quit your investigation when you had the chance. We would’ve continued to run our Chop Shop in peace, and you would’ve lived longer.

Detective Wheeler: Think about what you’re doing, Kaneko. You’re really ready to kill two cops?

Teppei: Of course I am. Ever since the LAPD destroyed The Brotherhood, *someone* has to be the top criminal in town. That someone is me.

Mona: Let’s dunk them in now, boss. There’s nothing I love more than fried cop stew.

Teppei: Patience, Mona. Their time will come.

Out of nowhere, the Heist Van crashes through a wall. The MPC looks over the catwalk.

Teppei: (amused) And people say *I’m* crazy.

The Heist MC, Sonia, Lena, Eris, and Rye climb out of the van.

Logan: Intruders!

Teppei: Well, that overdramatic entrance can only mean one thing: you must be the brazen group of thieves who stole the Crown Jewels of Monaco. You think of yourselves as Vigilantes, correct?

MC: Well, we were just gonna steal your Chop Shop money and donate it to the Kelly Foundation for genetic illnesses, but I guess we have some cops to save as well.

Eris: Let’s just get this over with. We have dinner reservations in an hour.

Lena cracks her knuckles.

Lena: Hey Sonia, wanna keep track of how many of their bones we break?

Sonia: I don’t see why not…”Princess”.

Rye: Ready when you are, boss.

Teppei: Make these lesser criminals feel unwelcome, gang!

Mona, Ximena, Colt, Toby, and Logan all vault over the catwalk and land gracefully, except for Toby, who falls flat on his ass. With a sadistic grin, Mona drops a checkered flag to the ground (it’s a race starter) and the MPC rushes forward.

MC and Eris run deeper into the steel mill to lure Mona and Logan away from the gang.

Lena hits Ximena with a brutal punch to the gut which knocks the wind out of her.

Sonia delivers knee to Colt’s groin and he whimpers in pain.

Rye punches Toby square in the face, breaking his glasses.

The trio simultaneously perform a judo throw on their opponent. The three lowlives land in a bruised heap. Teppei watches from the catwalk with an amused smirk

Scene transitions to Mona and Logan, armed with wrenches, searching the steel mill for MC and Eris. Hiding in the shadows, the two of them put on their sunglasses as Eris rolls a flashbang grenade towards the two unsuspecting thugs. The flash goes off, blinding Mona and Logan.

Eris shoulder checks Mona, which causes her to hit her head on the wall and fall unconscious.

Logan blindly swings his wrench around while the MC delivers their signature right hook that Lena taught them into Logan’s very punchable face.

Logan flies back and hits his head on a control lever, which swings Detectives Wheeler and Shaw into Teppei, knocking him to the ground. The two detectives place handcuffs on the gang leader and turn back to the crew members who are loading the MPC’s money into their van.

Detective Wheeler: Hey, you!

Detective Shaw: Freeze!

MC: Sorry, no time to chat.

Eris: Like we said. We have dinner reservations.

The gang drive off

The End

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